Meditation practice: Clavicula Nox and Soham Akaal

in #meditation5 years ago

For this exercise we will be using this sigil as a visualization example. It is really simple, as you can see.

Starting off:

Lay down or sit, whichever position you choose is fine.
Get comfortable and relax yourself, relax every part of your body one by one.
You can use a binaural beat if you have a pair of heaphones at hand, completely optional

Let go of any stress until you feel your energy body. Concentrate on your breath.

The mantra you will be using is Soham Akaal, which translates in to "going beyond". Close your eyes and start visualizing the sigil, draw it in your mind.

Now start chanting in your mind silently: SOHAM AKAAL - while visualizing the Clavicula Nox
Do this for at least 20 minutes. Go for more if you feel like it.

What did you experience?

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