The Mind And Moving Beyond Its Limitations - (Guided Meditation Included)

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These are two of the lessons from my online course, True Meditation (Navigating Challenging Times)

Once true understanding has taken place and things are seen for what they are and not experienced through the obscure cloud of ideas or beliefs we have attached to them, we can then begin to effortlessly let go of that which we have found to be disturbing or is limiting us in some way.  

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This is a 15min guided meditation created to help you begin and maintain a meditation practice.

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 Remember to be gentle with yourself as you move forward and just make the decision to start, wherever that is. You are here to evolve beyond what you perceive to be possible, and the power you hold to do just that is infinitely deep. Do not allow yourself or anyone else to convince you that it is any other way.  

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Glad to find more like-minded people on here interested in esotericism! Upvoted this post and also following you now.

Thanks for reading and for the support! Yes, there's some things to consider it seems, beyond what we usually have fed to us each day.

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Thank you!