Morning Meditation

in #meditation2 years ago (edited)

It's not always the successes that build us up, but the frustrations and failures. God has spoken in my life as I look back on failures. Failure to achieve the things I thought I needed has almost always resulted in better things than I could have imagined at the time.

May I never get so wrapped up in "achieving" that I lose sight of this. Rest and leisure are just as important as work. In the land of crypto, it seems that the time frame is measured in days instead of months or years. "Now" is the frequent word in use. Social media and chat services compress our desires into the shortest terms in the history of man. The ancient pyramids of Egypt weren't built overnight, yet still stretched closer to the moon than many projects where teams and users burn out too soon.

Brand new structures are difficult and time consuming.

Let us look to God's time line, instead of ours and our bank accounts. Let us remember that our legacy is built on patience and good-will more often than monetary gains. I hope that my work is remembered as a contribution to a good thing rather than destruction of it.

-bagzinga 5/27/18

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