Vinaya Puppala MD – Expert at Healing Pain!

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Dr. Vinaya Puppala aka VK Puppala, MD is a Pain Medicine Specialist and has helped many patients understand the nature of pain for defeating pain forever.

“There is so much pain around us. Sometimes we fail to recognize it. But, the pain knows its way. The more it is ignored, the evident its effects become. Hence, as a Pain Medicine Specialist I never miss any opportunity to spread awareness about pain and its consequences.” – by D. Vinaya K Puppala.

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Dr. Vinaya K Puppala is an Anaesthesiologist and is working for curing patients suffering from pain. He has been setting various milestones while trying to advance the medical science field. Dr. Puppala considers that the pain is something that should be fought from within. Instead of depending solely on medicines, one should choose to find alternate solutions.

As per his findings, Dr. Puppala also deem that one should never ignore pain and instead of taking medicines through few searches or prior experience, should always consult the specialist first.

“There have been instances when the patients took medicine on their own only to make the situation worse. A simple >problem was converted into something worse. I would insist all those who plan to choose for themselves to consult for >their problem.”

Dr. V K Puppala after thorough understanding of the field understands all the nuances related to it. He associates himself with the various medical associations and finds it his duty to alert as many individuals as possible about the harmful effects of pain medicines.

The various researches he has carried out also are inclined towards finding the apt treatment methods that employ the minimum involvement of pain medicine. While trying to do so, he discovered his own ways of fighting pain. One such treatment method is his multi model treatment approach to defeat pain and related problems.

After graduating from the Washington University of Medical Science, Dr. V K Puppala got his specialization from Illinois Masonic Medical Center for Interventional pain. This additional specialization gave him deeper insight of the health problems related to pain. Hunting down the treatment plans, Dr. Puppala met many successes as well as failures. But, neither success made him boastful nor failures disappointed him.

“I am no different from any other person without a medical degree. I also make mistakes. But, those mistakes have >never discouraged me to keep progressing under every situation. If I give up, many other who depend on me will fail as >well. It is my priority to provide pain-free lives to those fighting it with everything they have.”

Dr. Vinaya K Puppala longs for better future for those who have been the victim of pain. He contributes his life to all those who haven’t been able to smile from a long time because of the pain that breathes within them.

There are not many doctors who do that. It is easy to be the one offering services but those accepting the accountability of the consequences are rare to find. And, Dr. V K Puppala is one among millions who take up the challenge to fight back.

Dr. Vinaya Puppala has been awarded for various researches he has already accomplished, and everyone keeps waiting for what he has to propose next. He serves as the board of directors for many medical associations. If there is any critical decision has to be taken, he is among those important ones who is consulted.

The medical associations where he has been serving as the board of directors are: Editorial Board of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Scientific Research Committee of the International Neuromodulation Society, The Medical Association of Georgia, and Board of Directors of the Foundation for Pain C.A.R.E.

Dr. Puppala not only works within any decided perimeters but takes steps to identify more opportunities for serving people and act accordingly. He raises public awareness against pain medicines. He has been working hard to provide his patients the best medication plans and do not want others to miss out on the safe medical care.

Dr. V K Puppala has been the part of the Georgia College as the Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiologist for sharing the profound knowledge he has gained in these years. He quotes that the knowledge surges when distributed.

“I learn from my students. I like teaching them. Not because I wanted to be a teacher, because I know I would be >learning more being a professor. Many times, their questions leave me wondering, why I did not think about it. And, >that is when I feel I am at the right place.”

For Dr. Puppala, learning has always been the fuel for all wisdom. One who stops asking questions, stops improving. Children are curious and that is the reason, childhood is considered the best time for leaning. Being curious for his all life has given Dr. Puppala the attitude for gaining greater knowledge.

Dr. V K Puppala Curiosity to Learn More

People start running away from learning and engages in earning. This limits their creativity and curb their momentum to find bigger truths. However, this is not the case with Dr. V K Puppala. He has been unstoppable since his early days. With time, the curiosity to learn has only grew.

Dr. Puppala did face many challenges and still faces them.

“Challenges never go away. There are always some or the other problem waiting for you in your path. When you are studying, it’s the scores that scare you and when you grow up and start your career, the competition scares you. But, you keep going. That is how I have learned to grow keeping the challenges closer and not running away from them.”

He further adds, “Until there is something I do not know, I cannot rest. And, I know I would never be able to know everything. But I will never stop trying.”

Dr. VK Puppala has his mission set. He wants to bring quality life back to his patients. He wants to restore the happiness that was before the pain took its toll. Dr. Puppala is a great man who wished good for everyone. And, is working for it too.

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