Has anyone ever used “Black Salve” AKA Bloodroot?

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Does anyone here have any experience with “Black Salve” or sometimes called blood root? I was in a conversation last weekend with two friends who have used this stuff multiple times on themselves and on a few family members. These guys swear by it and say it’s literally a natural remedy that can make miracles happen.

Black Salve is being used by people to remove warts, dark cancer spots, skin tags, and various other skin diseases. Supposedly you put this on your skin in a non infected area and it will do absolutely nothing but, when put on a cancer spot it will eat a hole in your skin and literally remove the mole and eventually heal without having surgery.
It looks super dangerous and I have no reason to try this right now but, I just was wondering if anyone here on Steemit has ever used this Black Salve.
Below is a YouTube video of someone who recorded the day to day process to see what it does to your skin, how it removes the cancer and then how long it takes to heal. It’s really kind of fascinating if you think about it. My friends not only use the Salve but they take Black Salve pills for 30 days once a year and tell me they are rarely sick and feel noticeably better after the 30 day cycle.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

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What I found quite interesting about this quack product is how its main active ingredient, "zinc chloride", is actually linked with the history and evolution the medical procedure I had done to cure my Basal Cell Carcinoma. A few months back, I had undergone a procedure called "Mohs Micrographic Surgery", which was performed by a brilliant dermatologist at Lister Hospital in London in order to remove a basal cell carcinoma lesion from my forehead.

I'm fully cured of it now, but that was not to be unexpected, as this procedure has a proven 99 per cent cure rate). In investigating the history of Mohs Surgery, I found that it was originally called "Chemosurgery". Dr Frederick Mohs (who created this procedure) utilised zinc chloride paste in order to remove the cancerous tissue from the skin (hence the name "chemosurgery"). The main reason for using zinc chloride was that it would cause the skin onto which it was applied to to scab over and fall off, as well as to "fix" that tissue in order for it to be examined later. The reason this treatment was so effective was that the doctor would then analyse the removed tissue under the microscope to see if any more cancer remained, and if so, would go back to the particular area of the skin where the cancer remained and remove that also. This process of removal via the application of zinc chloride and microscopic examination would be repeated until it was determined that no more cancer remained via microscopic examination of the excised tissue. So it's not the "salve" that magically targets and kills the cancer cells, it's the doctor's meticulous examination of the removed tissue that ensures that they have removed the entire tumour. Basically, the zinc has no more magical properties than a good scalpel does, with the benefit of "fixing" or preserving the tissue in order to allow the pathologists time to examine it.

In modern times, this procedure has since evolved to the frozen "fresh tissue" process, where instead of using Zinc Chloride to remove the tissue, a scalpel is used to cut it out instead, and the excised sample is then frozen, sliced and prepared under microscope slides ready to be examined. Incidentally, the reason that Mohs replaced the scalpel with Zinc Chloride was in order to avoid the intense burning pain and scarring caused by the zinc. This "alternative medicine" seems like someone literally stripped out the good science from an effective procedure, and left only the most destructive part of it. So for anyone out there with basal cell carcinoma...I would recommend the Mohs procedure. Assuming you find a good Doctor that is well qualified to carry this procedure out, Mohs Micrographic Surgery is probably the most effective treatment you could ever hope for for this and other types of skin cancers!


Good info right here! Thank you. 🧐


Great info.. thanks...

Without question a good natural choice. Better than drugs. We have it in our remedy kit!

I'm using it right now. I have a few spots on my arms that warrant some attention.

It seems to be working. The primary spot on my right arm has taken several re treatments but shrinks noticeably after each one.


Great to hear! A full recovery soon sending you reiki vibes 💯🐒

Well I had a serious deformation in my leg and it was a quite weird formation I used this and 2 week later boom it was fixed , however the progress is a little messy but I can say that it works perfectly

Black Salve has been used by 100000+ of thousands of people. To many of them, they were looking at losing part of their body by surgery, including part of their face as an alternative. Black Salve has saved these people from this "defacing" prospect. It literally goes to the root of the cancer, kills it entirely and then the body heals leaving only a tiny mark if any at all. Yes, during the process, it's not pretty but the end result has been described as miraculous by many.

I have never used it, but I have been a member of a black salve group on FB for years as I find it interesting. There are many people who use it repeatedly to remove skin cancer (such as in cases where they live somewhere particularly hot and have particular skin types). I have also seen images where people have been totally disfigured by it's misuse. I personally wouldn't use it without a LOT of research first.


I think I feel the exact same way. I mean some of the treatments look outstanding and some literally ate a persons nose away off the face. It is very interesting to say the least.


In my experience, having researched cancer therapies that are non destructive, there are better options than black salve. I am currently part way through reading a large book by a practising doctor who describes how to view the body as an electrical system and how low voltage in cells creates acidosis and the conditions necessary for disease, including cancer. It's next on my list of topics to dive deeply into!

The fact that so many say that cannabis has cured their cancer is also significant - particularly since the Yogic practices i am doing (via the 26 world record holder Wim Hof) are of the kind that are said to reactivate the cannabinoid production system in our body that has apparently been shut down. It's not that we 'need' cannabis, it's that our systems have devolved over generations and we are now much weaker than intended!


I support this line of thinking as well. I am a 48 year old ex college athlete who never smoked any Marijuana until i was in my 30's. I now own three Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado and have seen it help MANY MANY MANY people over the past four years I have owned this business. I never would have though I would ever be selling MMJ for a living.


Oh, amazing! :)
When I was in my 20s that would have been my dream job! Someone actually asked me to start a CBD shop today here, but the politics is so corrupt, the chances are it will be 'illegal' again any day.
I used cannabis most days for 10 years and stopped about 10 years ago as it was getting overpowering. I see it (and other plant 'teachers') as being very valuable but they should ultimately put themselves out of a job at some point. I'm still envious of your career path.. haha.

We have a community of people interested in natural healing who may be able to help. Check out our last curation post for the link. 💚

I have heard of it, mainly in organic circles and was used as a "drawing salve" where it pulled foreign debris from the skin. (also known as cansema)

While I have heard some positive results on this, I have also heard cries of Blasphemous medical advice. Being in the medical field, I can honestly say that I would rather pass it through a dermatologist just to be safe. I can see now that you have already decided this, should you ever need it.

I believe that to be the best choice.


This is a good remedy for curing cancer in the body, I have not heard about this medicine before but it is facinating to see how it cures and heal cancer wounds and growth in the body

I have never had of this medicine before. But it will nice to know more about it and advertise it in my area because am sure there are people who will be interested in it.

Do you know how it can be gotten?


I don’t know where it comes from.

Wow, i just can't believe the benefits of this black little things. No doubt remedies are a good source if curing. I hope it will help many... No i haven't used it at all.

To be honest,I can't belive the safety of this 'black Salve',

This will be my first time of hearing about this stuff also. It will just be better to visit the hospital than using this

I have never heard of the black sales. And it seems like it hasn't entered my country yet. I think this is truly amazing. Hopefully there are no other effects from using this drug.

I knew somebody who used this stuff. Used it to get rid of suspicious skin lumps that were "bad". Reminds me of a video I watched where a guy removed his own skin cancer and it ended up going to his brain and if he had just gone in to get the lump checked out, they could have caught it before it metastasized.


I feel like In this case it’s best to go for modern medicine.

My ex used it to remove a spot off his leg. It was very painful, his leg swelled, and he had a pretty big hole in his leg. On the upside, the spot went away and never returned and so did the hole and pain.


The process looks miserable! It’s amazing how our skin and flesh just knows how to heal itself with a little proper care.

I would not do this. If this ointment cures cancer, why is it not used in general medicine? As for moles, now not one medical institution does not remove moles without having done an oncology test. My answer is no.

Seen this for the very first time in my life

I’ve never heard of the stuff good luck!

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Such serious diseases cannot be treated on their own, if yes, everyone praises this medicine. Now there are a lot of charlatans who are ready to cash in on people's health, for profit. Do not take risks, and consult with a specialist.

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Thats just miracle medicine!

I have never seen black ointment, what is the use

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I've no experience with it thankfully. But have read a lot of good and lets face it it 100% then the big phama treatments 💯🐒