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I have a couple of medical problems that i have been trying with doctors to find medication that both address the problems i have and also not to give me side effects.** it's never been effective...**

So i decided to try CBD oil as i had heard so much about it.

The problem i have is i live in a country that refuses to recognize the benefits of cannabis derived oils, even in the face of medical evidence. However, in recent weeks there has been movement from the authorities after public pressure when they confiscated the oil of a young child with severe epilepsy when she returned to the UK. her child was hospitalized within a couple of days due to huge fits returning.. There was a public outcry and the home office tempararily made an order allowing the young child his CBD oil.

The law

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In UK law cannabis as a schedule B drug under the missuse of drugs act. however, for some years now it has been effectively decriminalised. Small possession of most drugs now will only attract a caution and at worst a ticket and a fine. The police don't really chase after cannabis and if you a grow a few plants just for your own personal use they will turn a blind eye. (though they will remove your cannabis and equipment)

The problem i now face is that i have to buy my CBD oil from the internet as shops can't sell it. The oil doesn't come in nice bottles like in the picture at the top of this post.

What i have had to buy, is this in the picture below.

taken on web cam

The problem i now have is i don't know what i have and i don't know how to use it!!
I have been told that my oil probably contains high levels of THC as well as the CBD, probably!
While the effects of that aren't really an issue for me as i have smoked cannabis in its raw form in the past, i would like to find ways i can effectively use my oil. it's very messy and very difficult to smoke. It gets everywhere!!
I've looked on medical cannabis and you seem a helpful, chatty bunch so I'm reaching out to see if anyone can give me any help and advice in how to use this product.

Its called Rick Simpson oil.

And to help to encourage ideas to be put forward, the best method that i am advised i will give the author 2 SBD. Sorry it isn't more but as you can see I'm not wealthy! Lol.
I think i will have to say that i will be the only arbitrator of the winning comment.

Thanks for your time and i hope i can get some good advice or pointers in the right direction.

i believe CBD and cannabis in general has a lot to offer us as a society.

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I’m not familiar with the brand that you talk about, but i am familiar with the useage of the oil and i do live in a country where you can (still for now) buy a nice bottle of cbd oil over the counter. They even have capsules with oil that you can swallow, so you do not have the nasty taste. A bottle costs on average approx 25€ and the pills are about 35€. .... though i am not sure if they send it to your country, but theres always something arrangeable ... now about the useage ... i understand that you do not know how strong your oil is, so, but your bottle a half an hour near the heater so the oil gets fluid, then it is recommendable to have a pipet, and then you pull some fluid oil in there and quickly put 1 to 5 drops underneath your tongue ... be wary, the taste is very, very nasty. Good luck.

Thanks. i don't know if I'll manage that with this oil it is very thick and doesn't come with dropper>
i was thinking of making some tea. a friend said i could smoke if i put a smear along a cigarette but that seems very difficult.
i will get a pippette and do as you advise. this oil was £20 a gram. and came in the small container that i put in the picture.
I think i need to study this more. have you heard of it being rubbed into the skin?
i accidentally got some in my eye from residue and my finger and it hurts..
thanks for your help bro....

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I would not recommend putting it in your eye, you do have bottles that work like cbd skin lotion, but i think that’s diluted somehow. But, even if your oil is hard, warmth and heat should make it fluid, then the pipette will help. I guess your in GB, im dutch and you can buy over the counter here, so that should not be the problem.

Thanks for this comment and link..that looks like a great shop and translates in to English..
Lately i have heard complaints from the political classes in Uk that Holland is the drugs supermarket of Europe and also that it is turning into a "narco state" lol.

Well, we kind of have. But thats also fault of the state, since the 70’s they have the so called ‘gedoogbeleid’ (theres not a good word in english for this policy, but it means police and politics turning a blind eye even though it’s forbidden by law, so they can sell marijuana in the coffeeshops, thats legal, but growing is illegal). But the then cristian gouvernment refused to update its policy’s and tried to make things more strict and bleed out the coffeeshops. At the same time, the whole world, colorado, portugal were legalising. So now ... immigrant. crime syndicates took over and not just weed and other softdrugs, but also cocaine, heroine etc etc, furthermore, with rotterdam we have a huge port, and quite good infastructure to europe, and thats why they say narco state. But this is just a regular over the counter farmacy, also selling vitamines and health pills. Nothing illegal there. I really hope it helps you

yeah i get what you are saying. I'm in UK.. We are undergoing the same thing as you i think. Small possession is never enforced of any drug. You can get away with growing 9 plants for your own use. but if they catch you you will lose it and equipment.
In a teal free world it would all be available and stopping what you mentioned with immigrant gangs. We have same problem especially with heroin and cocaine. I buy things from Holland on occasion because we are in customs union..When we leave EU i don't think that arrangement will change that much..

No, i dont think much will change with brexit, if the politicians really work for the blue collar people, it can even be good ... the eu leadership is a corrupt totalitarian bunch. They should go back to the eeg custom union setup imho.

I bought mine from a platform called ream matket. It's an illegal selling platform. We have historically had very tough laws on what are regarded as illicit drugs. Although they aren't enforced for possession anymore..
I got it in my eye by accident and it hurts..
Cheers bro..

I find the best way to use RSO is to ingest it.

If you are not a regular THC user start with .5 to 1 grain of rice sized glob on a tooth pick. You can put the toothpick in the fridge or freezer for a couple minutes to harden the oil up, then scrape off the toothpick with the back of your teeth and swallow the oil like a pill. Another option is to smear the same amount onto a chocolate chip or small edible of some sort and suck on, or swallow the candy like a pill.

To smoke, use a dab rig or a pin to drop onto any suitable heating element (stove burner, etc.) and inhale with a pen or top half of a bottle. This is very potent, start with about the same as recommended for ingestion. Alternatively, spread a thin layer on a rolling paper and wrap around organic tobacco or cannabis.

Hope this helps!

This comment is bang on i think. That is exactly what i have RSO and i am going to try your methods this evening The smoking method reminds me of "hot knives"!
It is very potent, last night i worked out as long as you made a spliff, put some on the rizla near the tip and then tilt the spliff downwards as you toke..The oil runs away from the heat so it seems.

Yeah, similar to hot knives... you can use one hot knife instead of your stove if you like. You can also drop some on the end of a joint or cigarette - this is very harsh though.

It appears to run away, this is only slightly however. I have had no problem coating papers most of the way to the end, just leaving room for a filter.

Good luck!

Cheers bro, I'm getting the hang of it slowly lol..
It's very strong stuff....

Cheers bro, I'm getting
The hang of it slowly lol..
It's very strong stuff....

                 - theaverageman

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