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Can you remember when you were just a small kid 6-7 years old. You had no worries and did whatever you wished. Most of the time it would be spontaneous and probably got you in trouble. You would go to school and sometimes be good and other time have one of those spontaneous moments and do something that got you in trouble. That is okay, most children have these moments. However, in today's times parents think there is something wrong with kids acting in this way.

So what do they do? . they simply arrange for the kid to see a psychologist.(A brain doctor). After a few sessions , the psychologist, or commonly known as a shrink, will evaluate the child and in most cases tell the parents their is nothing wrong with the kid. Now the parents has just paid a large sum of money and this is not acceptable. So they take the child to another shrink. This time ,the money hungry shrink, will diagnose the child differently and find someway to have more sessions with the kid.

Most time the unsuspecting parent will pay and feel that what they doing is correct. How can this happen. Well because all around us people are taking their kid to shrinks and this is the modern thing to do. We are so brain washed that it may be so clear in front of us , yet we can't see it.

Infect, the shrink has carte blanche to change the thinking of the kid without us even knowing. I have one question that is if someone can make you change you behavior, don't they have the ability to change you thinking.

To all the parents out there , allow you children to be kids

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