High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program: Royal Rife

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"This important video shows a successful use of a Rife-Bare plasma device to 'devitalize', immobilize, disintegrate or otherwise destroy select microorganisms. This is an historical video becuase of the great number of organisms 'devitalized at one time.

Utilizing a Rife-Bare phanotron plasma device, this experiment is an attempt to repeat the acclaimed work of Royal R. Rife who used his 'universal microscope' and phanotron plasma device to destroy, or as he described it, "devitalize" microorganisms"

"coronaviruses may be vulnerable to ultrasound vibrations, within the frequencies used in medical diagnostic imaging.

Through computer simulations, the team has modeled the virus’ mechanical response to vibrations across a range of ultrasound frequencies."

"They found that vibrations between 25 and 100 megahertz triggered the virus’ shell and spikes to collapse and start to rupture within a fraction of a millisecond."

"Rife discovered that when increasing the intensity of the frequency at which a microbe resonates, it disintegrates from structural stresses"

"Scientists may one day be able to destroy viruses in the same way that opera singers presumably shatter wine glasses. New research mathematically determined the frequencies at which simple viruses could be shaken to death."

"650 different pathogens"

"Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR) are the frequencies that Royal R. Rife proposed would allow a user of his Rife machines to kill the specific micro-organisms responsible for disease in their host."

"adding frequencies so that multiple waves were hitting the cancer cells would be like increasing the power of the signal."

"RF carrier: This wave is necessary in order to deliver the frequency wave deeper in to the body."

"A plasma tube which serves as an antenna to radiate the RF signal to penetrate the body and deliver the audio signal."

""Rife machine" is a research instrument invented by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. A Rife machine is a electronic device which generates energy in the form of radio waves. The rate at which these energy pulses are emitted is called 'frequency', or cycles per second. (measured in 'Hertz') These frequencies are then applied in some fashion to an individual with the intent of bettering the individual's health."

Royal Rife Microscope shatters Cancer.m4v

"NIH’s mission is to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability."

"According to NIH, the High-Risk, High-Reward Research program provides support for “exceptionally creative scientists pursuing highly innovative research with the potential for broad impact in biomedical, behavioral, or social sciences within the NIH mission.”"

"Seventy-seven years ago, forty-four of the country's most respected doctors and scientists attended a banquet at the estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson in Pasadena, California. The guest of honor was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and the occasion was the celebration of the end of all disease."

"Rife proved you could even kill unwanted organisms that thrive within us by using these frequencies to devitalize them, without causing harm to healthy cells and tissue"

"These treatments would presumably be safer for patients than many antiviral drugs that can have terrible side-effects. Normal cells should not be affected by the virus-killing lasers or sound waves because they have resonant frequencies much lower than those of viruses, Sankey said.

Moreover, it is unlikely that viruses will develop resistance to mechanical shaking, as they do to drugs."

"In the summer of 1934, 16 terminally ill people with cancer and other diseases were brought to the Scripps 'ranch'. There, as Rife and the doctors worked on human beings for the first time, they learned much. In 1953 when Rife copyrighted his book, he made the real report of what happened in 1934. He wrote:

"With the frequency instrument treatment, no tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible, and no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and 3 minutes later the treatment is completed. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus or bacteria. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.

"The first clinical work on cancer was completed under the supervision of Milbank Johnson, MD, which was set up under a Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California. 16 cases were treated at the clinic for many types of malignancy. After 3 months, 14 of these so called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors and Dr Alvin G. Ford, MD, pathologist for the group. The treatments consisted of 3 minutes' duration using the frequency instrument which was set on the mortal oscillatory rate for "BX" or cancer (at 3-day intervals). It was found that the elapsed time between treatments attains better results than cases treated daily. This gives the lymphatic system an opportunity to absorb and cast off the toxic condition which is produced by the devitalized dead particles of the "BX" virus. No rise of body temperature was perceptible in any of these cases above normal during or after the frequency instrument treatment. No special diets were used in any of this clinical work, but we sincerely believe that proper diet compiled for the individual would be of benefit." December 1, 1953."

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