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Remember just a few short weeks ago when politicians at the local, county, state, and federal levels were all clamoring that we need more ventilators? Remember when the few elite press types who had gathered in the White House briefing room were all clamoring that President Trump needed to make more ventilators?
So now, one-third of the way into the month of May, how are we doing on our local, county, state, and federal hospitals having enough ventilators? Remember when Ford, General Motors and 3M, all stepped up to begin to manufacture ventilators in support of the pandemic? Were ventilators coming off the Ford assembly line like so many Model T’s at the rate of one every 3 minutes?
We have all apparently forgotten just how critical the need for ventilators was for that brief moment in time. Do we now have enough ventilators? Do we have a glut of ventilators? Are ventilators being offered for sale on eBay?
And just where were the Green New Deal advocates, promoting their solar and wind-powered ventilators?