Cannabis Suppositories 101: The Kootenay's Medicine Talk

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In this episode of "The Kootenay's Medicine Talk", Jim Leslie gives an overview of cannabis suppositories, how they work, and the importance of this route of administration. When cannabis is taken rectally or vaginally, the liver is bypassed and the cannabis instead goes straight to the bloodstream. By doing this, one can avoid the psychoactivity or "high" associated with taking large doses of THC, which is important for people who need to take large doses of THC at once, such as those combating cancer. This method also provides up to 70% bio-availability, making it an excellent way to get a lot of medicine into your system quickly and easily.

How to correctly use cannabis suppositories:

Insert the suppository just beyond the anal sphincter muscle. There is no need to go beyond this area of the rectum as there is a chance that if inserted higher into the rectum it could potentially absorb into the hepatic portal vein and go through first pass metabolism in the liver being converted into the much more potent compound 11-OH-THC. This is what we are trying to avoid by staying at the lower end of the rectum, just on the other side of the anal sphincter muscle.

A damaged colon or one shortened by surgery may be more prone to allow cannabinoids to absorb through the rectal wall to the hepatic portal vein. If you are concerned you may fit this profile or just want to ease in slowly try suppositories that are low dose (5-10mg THC). Or try CBD suppositories instead which are non-intoxicating.

Finally, there is some indication that cannabinoids may either not absorb very efficiently through the rectal wall and/or are used locally via bonding to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the region they absorb into, even the rectal wall has cannabinoid receptors (see our adjunct researchers blog on our website: ) so they likely have a local effect while some absorb through. The true question is, how efficient is the average rectal wall to cannabis oil mixed with cacao butter or coconut oil?

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