OnePageX - The best way to exchange cryptocurrencies, in a simple and easy to use interface, the best option to exchange assets

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In this opportunity I want to show you my designs for the graphic design contest of @mediaworks sponsored by @onepagex which tries to capture in a design the main functions of OnePageX.

What is OnePageX?

It is an exchange of cryptocurrencies with a simple interface and easy administration for a better use of the users. Making an exchange is simple, it is only necessary to place the cryptocurrency that you want to exchange and for what the exchange will be, a withdrawal addres and wait a short period of time until the transaction is made.

Features of OnePageX

  • Great variety of assets: OnePageX has a great variety of cryptocurrencies, more than 140 cryptocurrencies available to exchange, including Steem.

  • Without registration: It is not necessary to worry about personal information, in OnePageX it is not necessary to register in order to start making a transaction.

  • Rapidity in the exchange: It is a short period of time that it is necessary to wait to get the exchange, less than 30 minutes will be necessary to wait, a short waiting time.

Graphic design contest by OnePageX

My entry for this contest is based on several infographics in which I try to explain the most relevant and important points about the operation of OnePageX, trying to stick as much as possible to the main colors of OnePageX.

I did three different infographics but all three are connected, I started with a brief introduction to what is OnePageX, then I explain that it is OnePageX and I give four main features and then I point out some key points and explain its OnePageX Widget.

My Presentation


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