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RE: Announcing the Winners of "Review a Media DApp" Contest ft. State Of The DApps!

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Thanks for organizing and reviewing this contest @oracle-d and @stateofthedapps! I had fun writing this review, a piece I would never have written without you guys pushing it. I also really love the dApp I reviewed so I sincerely hope people will start experimenting with it :D



And great to see the other 4 winners: @daan, @tesaganewton, @dmilliz & @anouk.nox! Great job :-)

Great to see you my dear , congrats on the awesome post . I didn’t even know about that DApp. 😉 I like how You went outside of our little world.

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Thanks! :-) Yes, I was expecting a lot of Steem related content, but there's so much more out there! :-)

Indeed! I like how you think , followed for more reasons than 1. Hehehe

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Thank you! :-) I appreciate it :D