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I'm sure most of us have used Encyclopedia at some point in our lives (be it the offline type, or the online - Wikipedia), no doubt, we are all familiar with that term. But I ask you; in the course of using the Encyclopedia (Wikipedia inclusive), have you ever been rewarded in cryptocurrency for the contributions you make to the platform? Definitely not; reasons being that the platform is not built on the blockchain technology, and of course it is not powered by any internal token. Have you thought about the idea of a type of Encyclopedia that incentivizes you for the contributions you make to the platform? Well, I present to you Lunyr.


Lunyr is a decentralized crowd-sourced Encyclopedia built on the Ethereum blockchain with the idea of rewarding knowledge and creative contents in cryptocurrency. The purpose behind the creation of this platform is to motivate people to put in their best in providing accurate, evidence-based and reliable information - which will be rewarded. The reward system comes in two ways - either you write an article and earn rewards or you review an already written article and earn rewards. So by inference, articles posted in Lunyr are subjected to final review to validate their accuracy and credibility.

More so, the articles to be posted on the platform can cut across any topic, with no preferences to any particular field (just like the conventional Encyclopedia). Much more than just writing articles and earning cryptocurrency, Lunyr incorporates an internal erc-based ballet that can be used to store your erc-tokens. The entire Lunyr ecosystem is powered by a tradable erc-based token; the Lunyr Token (LUN) which is currently treading on some major exchangers like Bittrex, Binance etc, and at the time of making this review (26/3/2019), LUN is worth $2.47 on Coin Market Cap. The good thing about the Lunyr platform is; every action you perform on the platform is saved immutably on the blockchain, and no one's article will be committed into the Lunyr's database unless they have been subjected to the required peer-to-peer reviews. Some will ask; "who reviews the articles?" The content creators can also review other contents submitted by other users - no wonder they have earned a feature in the StateOfTheDApps ranking.


First of all, you need to sign up in Lunyr portal, and follow the easy-to-understand on-screen instructions to activate your account. Upon sign up, you will be required to make a choice of the platform you are currently using. Yes! Lunyr is accessible on both the desktop and mobile interfaces. The creation of the internal wallet comes together with the sign up, and after sign up, you can go to your profiles to add/edit information, and also to view your wallet. Each wallet comes with a unique address (just like the conventional erc-20 wallet).


I'm sure this is what you're all waiting to see. To make an article, you need to log into your account, you'll see a "write" button on the upper right side of the screen, once you've clicked on it, it will take you to the interface to make your posts - starting with the title and the body (almost similar to what is obtainable in some blogging platforms, like Steemit). After making the post and submitting it, you can check the stats of the post to know if it has been reviewed. The "submission" interface also comes with an option of "save to draft" - which you can use to save all your pending works until you are ready to publish them.

The incentives come when your post has been reviewed and has been found worthy to be featured on the platform - this is to discourage people from publishing substandard articles. Also, your earnings are dependent on the ratings awarded to your post. For submitting the article, contributors will earn CP (Contributor's Point) which will be converted to Lunyr token. Then for the reviews, the contributor will earn HP (Honour Point).

The side-arm of your portal hosts the shortcuts to some useful links, like article types, written and featured articles, leaderboard (to know the progress you have made on the platform). Also, you can lay hold on the "writing manual" from the side-arm to know how to utilize the platform effectively, and to know the do's and don'ts of the platform. Very importantly, just like other online blogging platforms, every article you publish carries tags, which will make it easy to locate other articles of the same type without having to search by keywords or by authors. Lunyr also supports other languages for non-English users, so as to increase the adoption of the platform. Is there any other better way you can make contribution to research-based articles than to get paid in cryptocurrencies?


Firstly, I will give a big kudos to Lunyr for bringing a platform where people can submit in-depth and comprehensively referenced articles to the blockchain, while at the same time earning rewards in cryptocurrency for the contributions they make. Secondly, the contents uploaded on the platform are classified as "Creative Commons", which can be freely distributed without copyright infringement - This is a "plus" for Lunyr. However, here's a little advice: Some work should be done to make the mobile platform more responsive - it looks a little laggy. But on the overall, I give Lunyr a 4/5 rating.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is not meant to serve as financial advice, please do your own research.
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