How the American Media Fuels A Cycle of Violence

in #media6 years ago

The media is partly to blame for why mass shootings keep occurring. They're not the only reason, we do still have to blame the shooter. But it's a complex issue involving the media, our culture, how we raise our kids, etc.

The media's portion of responsibility is outlined well in the video below. "Media is a business" I've recommended Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator before and it does a great job of illustrating why journalism is now sensationalized in an effort to get 'more clicks'.

If it was up to me, they'd never show the face or speak the name out of the shooter's face. No need to give him celebrity. No need to let other crazies imagine how much airtime they could achieve.


But, you don't understand.

This was a media event.
This is exactly what the media wants.
This is exactly what the guys at the top, the ones who have bought up every TV, and radio station. Who have bought up every magazine and newspaper.

This is exactly what they want, and there is a good chance they were involved in creating it.

Thus, if we want to save children, the line should not be
ban guns

It should be

BAN the Mainstream Mockingbird Media!

they really are that evil.

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