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What if encrypted video hosting and re-sharing videos became as easy as signing up for a dpos account, uploading or friending, and re-sharing.. If your friends on the network are cool with what your sharing then you will be rewarded. You will also be generating publicity and income for the original content producer.

Censorship is a big problem because the Internet is to a large degree centralized: ISPs, spying root SSL certificates, domains can be blocked or seized, bandwidth can be inspected throttled or dropped. In this environment copyright can be abused. This means people are not free to seek and create the information they need. We get so conditioned by this we that if we are not careful we forget how we are self-censoring. On the flip side, as Luke is pointing out, there is growing demand for good content that is getting censored. So if you can tackle this problem in ways that make this practice for people to use, there is an opportunity here.

These problems could melt away in private friend-to-friend markets. The same thing happens in free markets where there is a need for something but also there is a need for privacy. Users form groups and circles that best meet their needs and users work carefully to keep those circles from becoming too large. At this point in my opinion, private sharing in friend circles seems to be the foundation for censorship resistance. Each user decides how open or not their friend circles are. The low-handing fruit is to allow friends to manage everything (should be easy to implement and scale). More public sharing can be achieved by jurisdiction and terms of service and reputation. That can be phase II and operate separate from the private network.

Check out the scuttlebutt protocol. This allows accounts to be replicated across many nodes in a group private way. There are platforms like storj coming to maturity that and allowing for large content like videos to be managed in a private way (or public if the key is shared). Like in scuttlebutt, a pub server can be private for its owner and their friends. The DAC may also enable pub server providers to re-sell space and bandwidth on the market for other users that don't have access to a server. In the later, the shared Pub servers would not have viability into the private layer of the network, however the network will self-regulate in other ways through payments and reputation. Most people are honest: most people will want non-violent content and popular people will have more friend connections and generate more revenue. Those users will be rewarded and be surly noticed by the content producers because they are generating income as a result of their network.

Users may pay for their own resources by staking or paying fees. A user may gift accounts and allow friends to use their unused bandwidth for a term so important information can get into the hands of people that need it the most.


Thanks so much for chiming in. Which, if any, Scuttlebutt apps are you using or have used? Are there working examples of this in the wild what's the level of adoption?

My DAC proposal is more of a structural idea for how the humans themselves who are involved in building media and who need tools and education and such to do so will organize themselves. I didn't get into the actual tools for how the media will be distributed, but I could see something like that as being a great example for the Media DAC to explore, potentially as a worker proposal. Than, if something was developed on, say, Scuttlebutt, for the whole community to benefit from, that would create a mechanism for a useful network effect among the various media creators and their audiences to get a wider adoption of the technology. By building something out like that via a DAC structure, the whole community involved could help create something that benefits everyone instead of each media personality creating their own thing and then trying to get their audience to adopt it. I think most audiences just use what they are used to (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), but a large enough DAC might enable individual producers to come together and create network effect for something new like Scuttlebutt.

Patchwork is the easiest way to get an overview. They still have a manual invite method that gets you into a pub server but it is pretty easy and well documented. I think it would be more reliable long term to have a EOS token you could stake instead to incentivize pub servers to keep encrypted user data for them under predictable terms. I could see user's electing their favorite pub server providers.

Because you have an incentive system then it should be reasonable to scale it to handle larger storage and network bandwidth. There is a need to have sharable semi-private high-value media like: videos, scientific documents, books, and of course chat, etc..

The protocol would need to be changed or augmented to be light-client friendly. I think this can be done by adding a on-going state that summarizes the log where each session updates the state and removes the need to parse prior log entries. Much like EOS does except state is on disk not ram and would not have as much of a size constraint.

Anyway, it really is very simple in its present form and it is a good starting point. In any event, I found it a good learning experience. It is an example we can look that naturally gives each user their own chain ("log") so they don't all have to be on the same chain and will be easier to run it off-line after sign-up or in rural areas. This helps circumvent the ISP problem ..

Excellent! Thank you. I've added myself. I guess this is my identifier? @E8oJpF70u9NQ284sue1Tkkja7Vfeskt/89xTBfYy+ME=.ed25519 ?

How do I go about following you, as an example? I joined a pub as well. Seems I'm one of the few who actually set up an avatar.

Yes, that is your public key. I followed you. My identity is @1cxInyuaavgkoyz2DyO3Gfq+8lX1uYKsKvC1/Ma/F8A=.ed25519.

This is Scuttlebutt in a nutshell: Scuttlebutt Protocol Guide

Sorry, not related to his topic, but not sure how else to reach you.

Thank you so much for putting delegation back into tribesteemup. Your delegation made a huge difference in not only my life but my overall mentality. I am trying to promote pay-what-you-want as a concept in order to make it a sustainable method of sharing art and other work.

Obviously it's an uphill battle, but you've made it so much easier for me to maintain an abundance mindset, and the break in between was good to to help me not rely too much on any one source of support. I'm back to working a job now (hadn't for 3 years) but I am still working hard on my art and everything I believe in. I hope to do for others what you've done for us!

I just want to thank you formally here! :-D

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