Trust In Media Hits Record Low…

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New Study Blames Readers For Lack Of Confidence

According to the article Americans want news of what's going on in their world. They want to be informed. However, much to the dismay of the news media the American people are fed up with media bias.

A skewed five part poll designed to produce the results wanted...did work. It didn't provide the results that the media wanted.


Peasants. You don't know what's good for you.


The 'major study' found that
Americans want the facts. Period. Full Stop. End of story.
They do NOT give a flying inverted copulation about
"giving voice to the less powerful"
"amplifying the voices of people who aren't ordinarily heard'
'criticizing America in all things'

And the other pablum and mindless blather set forth by the American Press Institute and/or the Associated Press.

The American people just want the facts. They said that they can make up their minds with out any help from the media.

Thank you very much.