MESSAGE TO THE WORLD DAPP - Read The Message; Earn The Ethers

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Message to the world is a decentralized platform for publishing and reading messages. It incentivizes users in ether (ethereum). For reading messages daily on the platform. The messages could be ads on projects, products, etc posted by a publisher at certain low rates.

Message to the app is built on the ethereum blockchain and currently ranks #1,638 on

Signing Up

To sign up and begin earning your daily ether,


Pitiably, there's no sign in among the drop-down options. So

  • click on the login option at the bottom of the list.

  • Far down on the login page that displays is an option to register. Click on it to activate the registration form here:


  • Complete the above form by filling in the corresponding data. Your ethereum wallet address here should be one you have the private keys to like imtoken, myetherwallet, etc - as against an exchange address.

  • On submitting the form, you'll receive a message to your email inbox with a link to verify your account. Click in the link top verify. The actin would redirect you to the dapp's site as the verification is executed.


Now you have access to the full features of your account as these;


Reading The Messages; Earning The Ethers

You are on message to the world platform to read and earn, right?
Well you have to make it a daily affair to earn the rewards.
To read the daily messages,

  • Tap on the menu and click on home. If you are not there already, you'll be directed to the homepage. That is where the messages are displayed daily.
  • there on the homepage is a message for each day - much like the one below for today.


  • tap on claim payout (in purple highlight) to claim your ethers.

  • Your ether is credited to your account. You can view it by clicking on profile from the main menu.

The minimum withdraw amount allowed users is 0.005 eth. So you need to visit daily read message daily on message to the world and accumulate enough so you can make a withdraw.

Features Of Message To The World Dapp

Message to the world dapp has standard features some of which are designed to enable readers and published perform their respective roles on the platform. Some of these features are:

Publish: Here's where publishers (project/product owners) can publish their messages on the platform. The publish button opens up a form of some sort which they have to fill out with necessary details/information

FAQ: A comprehensive answer and question section guiding readers and publishers on how to get started and other aspects of the dapp.

Profile: This consists of users' information and their ether balances which they have earned on the platform.

Leaderboard: here's where you can find the most active users on the dapp. The leaderboard ranks users in the order of their activeness on the platform

Stats: This section of the dapp holds vital data on the dapp such as the number of users, messages, transactions, etc

My Take On The Dapp

Message to the world is an excellent dapp with excellent features. The dapp works similar to a crypto-based faucet. This makes it very valuable especially to crypto newbies. These new users to crypto-sphere can get to earn their first real cryptocurrency in the platform while learning bit-by-bit about the blockchain technology through the messages they visit to read daily. Personally, i wish I'd found a platform as this two years ago when I was new to blockchain and hunted highhigh and low for a good faucet. Still, message to the world app would be my choice if for any reason i decide to go faucet or gather little ethers.


I see no downside with the dapp, though I would suggest that a sign-up buttonbutton be added to the main menu to save potential users the time of hunting for it in other locations. This could turn some people off - people with short patience or time.


For bringing this opprtunity to crypto minnows, I give message to the world dapp 4/5 star.

Useful links:

Message to the world on state of the dapps:

Message to the world website/dapp


I saw your gift. God bless u

Amen. Get well soon

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