The Chinese Threat - Excellent In-Depth History-Politics Overview from FASH the NATION

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by Charles Bausman

Charles is the founder and editor of Russia Insider. He can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter and on Steemit.

Regular readers will have noticed that we've started running a weekly item from Fash the Nation called The Europa Report.

As someone who listens to the FTN podcast now and again, I came to realize that this weekly 10 minute segment is consistently very high quality and gives an invaluable update on the non-white invasion of Europe, one of the greatest historic events ever, something of huge significance which is essentially being ignored by the mainstream media. We really should start publishing a transcript of it. If anyone knows how to do this efficiently, please get in touch.

I happened to be on a long drive last week, and I ended up listening to an entire 2 hour segment from FTN about China. I have to say, the FTN gang is proving again and again that they have the formula for consistently putting out very high-quality material. The segment was driven by a guest who goes by the nickname of Ethnark, who apparently would call in from time to time and his comments were so good that the hosts started having him on the show regularly as a contributor. It was hosted by regular FTN host Jazzhands McFeels, and he was also very well informed.

The thesis of the segment is that China is a much more serious threat to the West than people realize. Let me say right away that I am not convinced of this, largely due to the fact that one frequently hears this about Russia, when nothing could be further from the truth, and a general impression that China has never really been an expansionist power, excepting small nations in their immediate vicinity, like Tibet. But I am certainly no expert.

The FTN discussion is well worth the time regardless, because they spend relatively little time discussing it, and rather spent about 90% of the two hours going over Chinese history, which was fascinating. I have to say, I learned a lot.

The first hour was pre-20th century, and the second everything since then. Ethnark's depth of knowledge was impressive to say the least, and I'm a sucker for world history and geopolitics, so was very happy to listen to the whole thing. They make their case about the threat in the last 15 minutes.

By coincidence, we stumbled across an excellent new Russian documentary about Chinese leader Xi, great background for some of what was discussed. Article and full transcript on RI.

I'll close by saying again, that the regular FTN discussion of domestic politics from a conservative, pro-Trump view is excellent and badly needed. The FTN team was way ahead of the field in realizing that Trump had an even chance of winning, and they were able to back it up with facts, figures, and inside knowledge, as both hosts are beltway wonks. Since the election, they continue to provide invaluable inside insight on how successful Trump is in implementing his more populist agenda. They are requiring listening as we head into the midterms. They are especially well informed on the illegal alien issue and related stuff - the wall, deportations, DACA, etc.

They are planning similar in-depth segments on a range of issues. If they can keep up this level of quality, they'll have scored another big win.

Subscribe to their podcast and listen in. You won't regret it.



You can also listen to FTN on most smartphone podcast apps.

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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:00 – Last Call for Merch – Ends 5/28:
00:06:00 – Lulz of the Week
01:00:00 – Europa Report
01:10:00 – FTN Focus: China: The Yellow Peril
01:15:00 – China, First Totalitarian State
01:25:00 – Warring States Period
01:47:00 – Origins of Chinese Sociopathic Narcissism
02:02:00 – Opium Wars
02:13:00 – Intermission
02:15:00 – 20th Century China
02:44:00 – Mao: China Has Stood Up
02:55:00 – Deng Xiaoping Takes Power
03:01:00 – Age of Globalism
03:07:00 – 21st Century and the Future of Humanity
03:35:00 – Outro


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