TRUTH OR DARE #210 - Are you Mechanically Inclined?

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TRUTH OR DARE #210 - Are you Mechanically Inclined?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE.

Some of us are born natural mechanics and others couldn't put together two pieces of Lego. But those that do tend to go on and take on opportunities that are essential to modern life. Myself in the old days i always took pride in knowing at least whats going on under the hood the hood of my car.

But times have changed with computers we all went through a learning curve of video cards, motherboards these days mechanically inclined might include building computers or components and all which require a basic understanding of the mechanics involved.

Which means that if you own a hybrid car or an electric car you might find yourself back in school as far as knowledge of whats under the hood it's all new again having all that computer component knowledge might come in handy now too. So Are you a Mechanic?
Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!


TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 210 - Are you Mechanically Inclined?


DARE: Tell us what you do for a living? :)


P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico



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What a great big SURPRISE for us! Thanks VERY much for another out of this world TRUTH OR DARE! We really enjoy and look forward to these! I am comfortable saying that I am a backyard mechanic. I can do all of the simple things. Like change a battery, change a tire, alternator and even check and add oil if needed LOL! :) Mechanics earn really good money and they truly deserve it in my honest opinion. Most not all are well compensated. What would we do without them? I feel lost without my mechanic. I guess without mechanics we would all just have to buy a new car LOL! :) My Father tells me that, "Thankfully, through the years he has the knowledge of knowing the basics in auto repairs before he brings his vehicle to the mechanic before a major repair. If you don't know the basics you most definitely are going to get taken advantage of SOMETIMES. One time I went in for an oil change and came out with no lights and no turn signals and an allegedly stuck pin in my brake caliper. VERY scary! I hope all is well my Friend! I missed you buddy! :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


hi @extraterrestrial thank you it's my pleasure to bring a little smile if possible i know i slowed down a bit but the mountain is coming i have had so many funny stories like the time we changed a tire on the side of a dark highway lost the bolts managed to find two bolts got the tire back on and drove 35 miles only to see the tire roll past us on the highway, funniest thing wondering hey look a tire! LOL:))


LOL! :) You are one of the most important reasons why I love Steemit so much and Steemit is so special to me. :) I cannot wait for the mountain! GREAT story regarding the tire! LOL! :) Crazy story my Friend! How did you actually find the two bolts! :) I always look forward to our interactions and your posts. :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

I'm not a mechanic but I know basic things about car like change tires , change car battery , check the oil and know if there are something happen or sense something like the car need to be send to real mechanic . I working with gov for living ..


it's always good to know a little at least to keep up maintenance not to have any unexpected surprises on the road, very embarrassing if you stop in traffic :)


I'd experience driving using manual car and had stopped in front the traffic light during applying my driving license, that why I choose to buy automatic car so that would not happen again. ☺

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You need 2 new transmissions but you can save money without reverse. LOL

All the computer tech in cars now days makes being a mechanic a nightmare. It also makes it possible for gov. spooks to cause fatal crashes for anyone they want to eliminate.

I've noticed that becoming educated about new technology is very temporary because they like to change the tech as soon as you learn the old one. Unless you devote full time it's almost impossible to be a competent mechanic or any other high tech arena.

I know how to wash a car, lol
But I don't know how to fix it,
And I don't know how to drive it.

Hahaha so funny that prices

I'm mechanically inclined

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I am mechanically inclined.

I work in the oil field in New Mexico/West Texas.

It's a great mechanical garage repair

Can't say that I am

Wow wonderful post

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i know a combustion engine works lol with the little pistons and cylinders and explosions, the theory behind it isnt all that big but if i had to fix my own car ... that would be like me recommending you to not let me build the house you wanna sleep in, lest you wake up in a pile of rubble.

If screwing computers (as in screwdriver ofcourse) counts then i guess i am but otherwise basically im left at replacing a light switch or a cable hahah

if everyone knew everything then there would be no jobs left instead of 30%, right ?