Stop contributing to animals' suffering! GO VEGAN!

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NO CHANCE, The animals have done nothing to deserve extinction, IF and i emphasise that if, but if the masses all gave up meat and joined the cult of vegantard, then cows, pigs, sheep and chickens all become extinct because the farmers no longer have any incentive to keep the animals alive and breading. Sorry but i am the epitome of an omnivore, meat and 2 veg daily, and this will never change :)

Reminds me of that joke: If you care so much about animals then why are you eating all their food?" 😆
Animals that are bred-2-eat would never survive life in the wild. not to mention they are born and raised to fulfill a singular task - provide a renewable source of sustenance for humans (the ones that breed, care for & raise the animals). I'm all for more ethical practices, but everyone going vegan is certainly not a realistic practice.

Are there any vegan bodybuilders on this planet?

Awesome reply dude, there actually are some vegan bodybuilders, i was told of 1 big famous guy who lost all his gains by going vegan, there is a case study somewhere online if your interested.
You may also find a lot of debates / arguments that include me, i lived with a vegetarian once upon a time, NEVER ever again haha.

I had a discussion about this with my wife's cousin years ago. She did not eat meat, eggs, or really now she eats burgers, chicken, eggs, the whole farm.

Where I was able to sway her entire stance: Intelligence of the human brain and evolutionary facts. Look at the advancements of mankind and you can see at some point in the recent time (in ref. To all of time) mankind has man significant advances of our species.

Some science suggests that this intense period of human evolution was sparked by fire - there was an exponential growth in our brains once we began cooking meat. Some would argue that without man learning how to make fire and begin to cook meats, we would have not evolved to where we are today.

There is no question about strength and how proteins work in our body when it comes to meat. Look at countries that do not eat meat - do they have a military? Are they intellectually advanced? Are they a wealthy or poor nation? Do they thrive or survive?

I think the answers are readily available, but to each is own.. All this is merely my opinion, but what do I I'm just a meat-eater

I should remind you that meat is the leading cause of cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis and the list goes on and on. It is extremely unfeasible to grow animals because throughout their lifetime they consume water and resources. While they live they produce an insane amount of greenhouse gasses all of those are closely related to the global warming. And the argument with evolution is completely biased or bullshit. Our evolution started 3.8 million years ago as APES. Guess what apes eat? Fruits and occasionally bugs. Please get informed. There is virtually no argument against veganism. And btw, in the next 10-20 years you can say goodbye to meat and dairy, for the reason that they won't be available. Have a nice day!

In 25 years i will still be alive to witness you eating those words, because you are wrong and regurgitating utter horse shit i'm afraid. Leading cause of cancer = radiation. Sorry.

How much time did you spend studying and learning about health, pollution and in general about animal agriculture? I believe close to 0 seconds.

I can tell you a thing. You cant argue with FUCKING FACTS. There are OPINIONS and FACTS. I am only telling facts. Stop being ignorant and start learning. Also, most studies are funded by KFC and MCDonalds, so there is no wonder there are people like you lingering around with bullshit. Watch What The Health, Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy.

Considering i once lived on a farm, your FACTS as you call them are tainted, you are trying to cast implanted opinions as fact, and failing, sorry.

vegetables is what food eats.

11377230_734563166653452_1997253249518553627_n.jpg Have a nice day

That lion isn't a vegan, so tell that guy..LOL Lions will eat you for your meat before they get the first hunger pang.

great post dragos0897! keep it up! and thanks again for following!