Create your Purpose. Make it a Process

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Passion, we talk so much about it. But we rarely ever define it. Inexplicably, it's hard to define. Our emotional centers of the brain don't control language, therefore putting feelings into words will always be virtually impossible, even for the best of us. That is why great writers are so transcendent, they can immortalize a feeling within in a few words while many of us are left speechless when trying to articulate them. As Jack Kerouac gracefully said, "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."

So many of us are looking for our passion. We believe that our passion or happiness is always around the next corner, over the next hill, at the next job, the next relationship, the next city, party, activity, or interest.

We've established that taking Extreme Ownership and having a Growth Mindset can get you anywhere in life and make your potential virtually limitless. So I'm here to tell you, your "passion" is already in you, but you need to change your search filter and cultivate it. You don't HAVE passions, you HAVE interests. You can TURN your interests into a passion to find your purpose. Start simple: list all your interests in a row on a peace of paper. - Go ahead, do that now.

Now redo that list, but put them in order of the interests that you spend the most time acquiring knowledge out of sheer curiosity and pleasure.

After you've done that - take only the top three. Now within those three, find a problem that you have solved for yourself within your interest. Let's assume that you are down to one interest and you have a problem you have solved for yourself within it. Take your solution and research the market with it. Is there a company that already has a solution? Does their solution work? Could you make it better? Could you make it for a different niche? Maybe business ownership isn't the best for you. Maybe you should seek employment with one of the companies within your interest.

If you haven't solved any problems for yourself within your top three interests. Then either you aren't that interested in them, in which case keep trying new things. OR you just haven't put in the required amount of reading and studying of said interest to be able to have enough context to solve a problem.

Interests create Passions, Passions create Purpose. Purpose creates a Process.

Setting out to win the NBA Championship is a Goal. Setting out to be the Greatest Basketball Player of All time is a purpose, one that would most likely start you towards many championships.

Create a purpose built around a process you can consistently do every day, that will take you farther than any goal.


  • law of attraction. reminds me of kevin trudeau's teachings... feeling good also essential for manifesting... humans will become field manipulators... the quantum field :)

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