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RE: Viking Midwinter Mead-The easy way... (home brewing tutorial: win 10 STEEM)

in #mead6 years ago

Well this looks exciting. And looks worth the time. Im off in search of hops barley and yeast. No idea where to find them on our little island. But I will have to ask around. Put this in my favorites box on @partiko for later reference. And will be checking out more of your articles. Thanks to @crypto.piotr for pointing me in this direction. 😎

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You could always try baking-yeast (I wouldn't recommend it), or make an online yeast/hops/barley order.

Cool Mate thanks for your tip. I have just realized we are surrounded by vinyards and have a micro brewery in the next village. So might not be as hard as I thought. Result lol 😁😎

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Cool man, best of luck! 😇🍺

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