The Time Appointed - The Fat Man

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The Time Appointed - The Fat Man

As one might guess, and in these heavenly conflicts it always happens: the competing God was not done with us yet.

Do you know what it is like to have your mind turned to mush. Do you know what it is like to have God begin to restore you?

What happens when He/They get your intellect back up to the speed that it once was?

It's bizarre.

A water amulet made by the Zuni Nation New Mexico, USA.

It had sat for years. I put it on yesterday and Whoopie! The water coming off the roof into basement through the hose was like a garden hose pressure.

If the Apache are the Holy, especially Chirakawa, the Zuni are the prophets, seers.

The Zuni gave a prophecy before all the different peoples migrated to North and South America and their primary proclamation was North America.

There are other things they prophecy and they come true. They are not a war lie nation.

St. Kateri said, that is evil when I put it on.

And when we went up to God, he said, That is not evil Kateri. It is powerfully blessed.

Then it happened. Yet one more instance of the competing God had taken hold of us.

Chrythys, was attacked mightily. One can feel oneself dying and He/They Act!

Bait again. Chrysthys might gotten her first major points. A hundred trillion. We all did even Shelly though she not know it. Chrysthys might have received more than that.

A possession of sorts, undetectable. Gods are what they are whatever that is. Seeing is believing. Why did the competitor do it? Because we go before Him/Them and it was about jump out and attack.

It has become obvious that this was perhaps the true reason the Beings from the Void were...I forget who said it, God, the Most High(?), they turned from following my Son(The Younger) a long time ago.

I hope this evil is contained or whatever can be done. And I remember when God, The Most High addressed humanity and said, "I will not succumb from thee no matter what thou dost believe."

He said something else too but..."I will put another foot of water in Lake Sevier..." (The above happened).

Innocence... stupidity, unaware like beasts, even the Beings from the Void, the Greserlites, behind the scenes a hidden being struck and it too wishes creation destroyed.

The fun never ends. At least there's water in the pool.


My handlers think I am fat because of my distended belly. That's raw muscle. A gene handed down by mother's father. Hercules had it. Samson had it. I have met many a football player that has it and very strong men and women that have it.

People who have it are not fat. They can squat a ton or more free weight. They bench press over 500 pounds, 600 pounds ten times.

They don't a jack if a tire needs changing.
The can flip pickups that have rolled by themselves. Pick up a lube tube with a friend a put it back in the truck from whence it fell. Unload telephone poles by themselves. Carry ceiling beams they they used to be, cut whole from a tree. Pick up ten cubic foot stone.

And really don't like being pestered by those who - call them fat.

You're barrel chested my Dad said. I calculated the strength and amount of steel necessary for a two ton roll of paper, rag stock. It was two hundred twenty pounds. My dad had it made at 440 lbs.

If they get their caught in the rollers of a paper converter it might come out a half inch thick but at least comes out, fleshes back out.

So here was a competing God intent on the destruction of the Beings of the Void, the Humble, the Earth and it's fairly obvious who is on our side and who wants to follow that other thing.

"Chrysthys how could God know the future so well, unless he has watched it over and over again? They are trying to break a time loop. You need to act when they tell you to change the future for the better."

"Listen to him my daughter", Jesus said, "When we tell him to do something, he does it or at least he tries his best."

I know I don't want to go through this again and again for eternity, in all it's variations, if there are any variations.

It time to take a dictator out on a date, why wait. I got to carry me some water to the trees.


The amulet was made by Hopi. Getting a little old. Not a Zuni amulet but Hopi...

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