Staying out of Debt!

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Stay Out of Debt!


The Splash Screen in MarbleMaze DirectX 12 by Jeff Kubitz showed first yesterday.

Many people do not understand this: the banks are not the problem - ANONYMOUS - SPECTRE IS THE PROBLEM!

I can imagine the problem in Bulgaria is the same as it is in the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, and the European Union and the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Africa: EVERYWHERE!

The banks are losing their asses!

Businesses are losing their asses!

That why I am so upset, so are you, so is everyone else. I am actually not upset, just so you know. Because I know what the real problem is.

For example, today, I will be making a device out of thin aluminum to encase my wife's and my debit cards and credit cards, account cards.

People can be by you and get all the information to use your card using a gadget. This happened to my wife on the 16th of this month. It was for almost $200.

It is taken care of and maybe you have not experienced ANONYMOUS but I have for the umpteenth time. So have a lot of people. Yet our government like yours and everyone else's does not know what to do about it. They have done nothing.

Understanding how terrible this plague is, is tough. Protecting yourself and telling your friends is important.

Yesterday, the news reported that in 30 seconds a successful business in the United States was hacked and was bankrupt!

Gone in 30 Seconds, the title of a movie starring Nicolas Cage about car theft. He was master car thief.

Now the master thief is... ANONYMOUS!

These thieves affect you - everyone.

Things you can do - watch your accounts and report it to the bank immediately.

Good luck!
Switching from Splash to the user interface game screen first showed yesterday. The Maze shows at the change and floats off to the lower right quadrant. I think that what floated off. Maybe it was the User Interface?

Why Do This?

Well, I invent things. It gets stolen. I work HARD! My accounts are robbed

And because the Great Soul said, Write it that they may know the Most High, Most Holy is about to strike!

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