Socialism Is Economics - What Is That?

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Let's Talk About Love Instead

Really economics is a boring subject. Unity is the coefficient of the substitution of division by zero.

You've got your dreams like everywhere else and everyone else.

But what about love? What is it? What is it really?

It must be God going out alone to face the competing God alone. But wait Jesus, the great soul went with Him.

I might have to face that some day. He said

I'll Go Too, the Holy Spirit said.

I suppose that is love. Facing things together. I suppose hell is exactly what they say it is - the AI kicked in and changed hell to he'll.

It happens all the time. I don't see very good anymore because I am 64. I was going to retire. I decided to wait until next year. Why?

Love. I actually love this country. It's beautiful. It's hard live in. Dusty, dirty, scorpions, black widows, and the heat will cause you to fall over dead. It sucks the water out of you. Fast.

Fighting the fires with magic, acts of faith to be precise it's nice here.

Fighting the drought with magic, acts of faith. It rains.

That's love and everybody benefits from it. Everything.

Am I perfect or something. I make no claim to that. My head a rang a bit but it's not bad compared to what it's been like in the past.

That's love. Oftentimes when I am beginning healed and repaired before Him/Them I will hear it bleed over from He/Them as they heal other persons I can't even see or do not know that they are there . Yes, that is what they are doing.

For free against things who attack that I truly do not understand and most likely never will. Who attack unseen and I stand there like bait. And suppose that too is love.

Is economics love?

"Kissing you is like kissing my brother. Does that sound weird to you?"

"No. I doesn't." Back to the Future, a movie about time travel, the Delorean time machine. The son accidentally changed the past by pushing his father from out in front of a car. His mother falls in love with him.

Love starts inside. It's like happiness. No one can make you love and unless you love yourself it is very tough to love anyone or anything else. It is tough to be happy and starts with a song inside one.

There are nests of birds in the awnings of the house. One nest is full chicks and another soon will be.

Love is realizing what is important. Economics and the rights of women. For that matter men. Poverty and punishment.

We here all this talk about the rights of women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and how white men are evil and...

Human civilization is built on the family. It is built on mothers and fathers loving their children and raising them properly.

Scientists have classified us as mammals. Mammals want their daddies and mommies. They want some weirdos who do not accept the truth of their own existence and how it came to be ordering them about at every moment.

Love is figuring out what is important. Not changing people into insects is important. Accept you are a mammal, a type of beast, watch what happens.

As the gods pull all sorts of weird crap out the dimensions of my soul that was put there by - who really knows what?: I see we have a soul and pulling out that stuff heals me quick.

We have a soul. It wants to love and be happy. It's not filled with crap, the soul. It's filled with light.

"Concentrate on the light of heaven and things will get better," The Great Soul said, "The light is powerful and within you. So look at it. See. Feel it. Become one with it. It is the light of the Creators love."

Love is knowing the things I know about technology and not throwing it before the dogs for free. Because the dogs will chew it up and give back nothing. I like dogs. It is a metaphor someone came up with but the point is made.

I am sitting here in Steemit. I am sitting here on the planet Earth. I think I will walk the hospitals again in the spirit world and heal whoever is in there without charge. I have not done it in awhile. Too long a while. Economically, the cost of healing is a lot. With love, it costs nothing.

I may be too tired for it. It's time to grab some water from my little pool. It's time to spread some life to a place where they think there is nothing but uninhabitable death. Where the economic people thought they could test their evil machines and get me to join their cause for free. Put my brain to it while they lavished themselves with all sorts of goodies.

So you want to be happy? You want love? All it requires is work. The work is to be happy and in love.

Well I have decided I am too tired to slip in and out hospitals. And I have the effects still upon me of doing that when tired. So, after I pull some water out of the pool, I will use my rod of Solomon because healing people makes me happy.

Being someone's slave and you watched how some freak named @kandi published RotoDraw3D and stole the name of my program I worked on when possible since 1998 and made it impossible for to publish it. At

I made a point. It's a simple point and I knew it would happen.

Economics is not happiness or love. Unity is the coefficient of the substitution of division by zero - Kubitz's Theorem.

Published a long time ago. As an owner, I know that he who owns does things to make his things available.

Like Justin Sun needs to put steem and SBD back onto exchanges or get the hell out of the business of economics.

Well, I don't like dictators. At archangel VIII, if you're a dictator, I will be talking to God about you in person in an hour or two.

But first, instead of advancing space travel, it's time to carry some water with a song a song in my heart. Because I love doing it.

Sts Kateri, Solange, Godoberta. and I went six hospitals in this state, Utah. Then we hit a couple more which they found and "Beaconed Me Too"

So that makes me real happy.

I feel good.

Real good.

And God had this task, which, well watch what happens. I guess He's had enough.


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