MCO Monaco card

in #mcolast year

Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD :)

Whit this you can earn and stake CRO in your wallet every day

First register the app or in web site with my referral code

Second you need the app in your smartphone

Put all your info

And send 250 dollar to buy 50 MCO to stake 6 month in phone wallet

ANd we can have 50 dollar heach

In your wallet on web you can buy CRO and stake minimun 10 000 Cro to stake 6 month and earn 5.54 Cro every day!

5.54 Cro every day in your wallet not staked

If you invest more you get more, but read the info for everithink.

You have more possibility to get more coin in with :
The Syndicate
The fundraising platform for premium digital assets

It's in this page to understend

Did you see?
If you read correctly like me you can have many advantages to buy bitcoins and cosmos for the next registered ...
I have already successfully participated in eos and stellar purchases with excellent profits.
For those unfamiliar with it, it is a real exchange bomb and they have insured their wallets for over 150 million dollars.
Get informed before doing everything but in my opinion it is one of the best exchanges of the moment and it issues a debit card with very valid advantages.


Try to use bitwala you don't need to buy anything. Just register and we both will get 30 euro.

thank you
Maybe it's different investiment
Here you can buy differend coin with it's bitcoin with 25% discaunt and after cosmos at 50% discaunt...In yours it's possible?

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