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The day has finally arrived for the most talked about fight of all time... Mayweather vs McGregor! Bratteam, as two Irish eejits, are on the Irishman's team of course. Team McGregor! There has been so much talk, so much hype, sooooooo much buildup... I think we all can scarcely believe the day is actually upon us. To McGregor this is more than just a boxing match with one of the greatest boxers of all time, this is more than just the "money fight"... this is a young man from a disadvantaged area of Dublin, that has literally dripped blood, sweat and tears to get where he is today. To McGregor, this is his chance to do his country proud yet again and really put little old Ireland on the map.


He may talk the talk, but as he proven many times before, he can also walk the walk and fight the fight. This image of a brazen, cheeky, foul-mouthed, over-confident Irish brogue is just that, an image. It sells tickets, it sells pay-per-views, it sells the merchandise... but really Conor is a typical Irish lad. No Irish person likes to brag about themselves, God forbid the neighbours might think you were an awful pain in the hole (or in the anus in case you don't know). So when he comes home, he is humble and kind to his fellow Irish, he would never turn away a fan for a photo or autograph. He represents his country with pride and honour. He really demonstrates what it means to be a community.


In case you haven't been looking of the footage of Las Vegas... the place has literally turned green this weekend. Conor is the face of our country and we wholeheartedly support him... we are McGregor's army in the green, white and gold. If you hear signing in the street, chants of ole, ole, ole... then you will know McGregor's Irish army is near. You will be blinded by the sea of green!

So tonight, we stand tall to support our man, the man that so far has done his country extremely proud. We have everything crossed for him, regardless of the outcome of this fight... you will never beat our enthusiasm, you will never beat our spirit and you will never beat the IRISH!

Bratteam x

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