Investments by Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

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How to change your way of thinking about wealth? Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" will certainly help us to do so. "Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Father, Poor Father. The guide shows the reader how to think about investments and how to conduct them so that the money works for him. Financial education should be carried out from an early age so that the effects can be enjoyed in adulthood.
The author of the book spoke on the issue of investing in cryptocurrencies. Kiyosaki believes that there will be a big crash on the exchanges in October, and Bitcoin itself will "crash". Speculation applies not only to cryptocurrencies, according to the author, the crash will also affect the prices of gold and silver.
"A gigantic stock market crash is coming in October. Why? The Treasury and the Fed are running out of Treasury bills. Gold, silver, bitcoin could also crash. Cash is best for catching opportunities after a crash. Don't sell gold, silver, bitcoin, but have plenty of cash to live on after a stock market crash. Stocks dangerous. Caution."
In June, the author recommended buying gold, silver and BTC before the "biggest bubble" in history bursts and causes a crash. According to Kiyosaki, BTC has paid off the most, and with the falling dollar prices it has been the most successful investment along with silver. "The main reason I invest in bitcoin, gold and silver is because I don't trust our leaders, the Fed, Treasury or the stock market."
China is actively suppressing crypto development in the country. What does the author think about this?
"China announced a new crackdown on cryptocurrencies this morning. What does this mean? It means that China will soon release its government-issued crypto coin. If the U.S. follows suit, the Fed coin means bitcoin is banned, the U.S. becomes a centralized government just like China, American communism begins, our freedoms end."

"Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki Predicts 'Giant Stock Market Crash' in October - Says 'Bitcoin May Crash Too'"


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