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Terpenes are organic compounds commonly found in nature, positively influencing our bodies. Pinene is one of these compounds in the form of two isomers, alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. Depending on which isomer we deal with, their smell differs, alpha-pinene is the smell of pine resin and rosemary, and the beta isomer is the smell of dill, parsley and hops. Widely used in medicine and cosmetics as a perfume ingredient. In ancient Chinese medicine, it was used to treat cancer - this use is supported by modern studies that have shown a 40% reduction in melanoma in mice with the use of pinene. And in the Middle Ages, it was known mainly for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Despite the lack of knowledge at that time as to which exact component of coniferous resin was responsible for their pain-relieving "powers", it was used in the production of pain-relieving ointments. Ointments with the content of this terpene also healed inflammation and reduced swelling. Infusions were used to fight infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract, and toothache and inflammation were treated with small portions of this pinene-containing resin. As? And by placing such a fragment of resin in the tooth defect.
In the present day, thanks to scientific research, medieval belief in the power of plants has been replaced by certainty in their use. Hemp pinene is a highly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substance. Research conducted in 2012 proves its influence on pancreatitis. The experiment consisted in inducing acute hepatitis in a group of test animals, after which one of the two pinene isomers - α-pinene was administered to the same group. Administering it reduced the volume of the diseased organ and its weight. In addition, administration of it reduced the production of TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-6 - the main factors responsible for the tumor necrosis of this organ.
Pinene is also used constantly in the fight against joint pain. Including in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Its use also translates into improved mobility in patients with autoimmune arthritis, i.e. with psoriatic arthritis. Its antisepic properties make it a broad-spectrum antibiotic.
The health-promoting effect of a group of substances found in cannabis, which already has healing properties, is enhanced by the synergy process. Thanks to this phenomenon, cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds found in cannabis are more effective because they work together, and the therapeutic effect they show is stronger.

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