T-shirt, book and concrete - all made of the same material?

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The strongest, most durable soft fiber on the planet. Used already in the eighth millennium BC for the production of, among others fabrics. Today it returns to favor again. Their multi-path use means that cannabis - because we are talking about hemp - is used in many areas of life. The world's population has been taking advantage of the various benefits that this plant gives us for thousands of years. More than 90% of the sails from the 5th century BC to the mid-19th century were made of hemp. Maps, journals and bibles from the 15th century to the beginning of the 20th century were written on hemp paper, which is more than 50 times more durable than most types of papyrus and much easier to process. We can find them, for example, in the original editions of the Gutenberg Bible from the 15th century, the King James Bible from the 17th century, and the works of Mark Twain, Viktor Hugo and Alexander Dumas. In the past, paper was also made of damaged sails and hemp ropes. 80% of the materials used for sewing clothes, tents, towels and underwear were hemp fabrics. They were characterized by greater resistance to damage, absorbency and the ability to retain heat. No chemicals are used in the cultivation of hemp, so the fibers were the perfect material for everyone. Ok. 80% of the cannabis used in industry in the West came from Russia. It provided hemp and hemp products of the highest quality. Currently, we can also build a house from hemp. The hempcrete technology is known, as it perfectly insulates thermally and accumulates heat. In addition, it is vapor-permeable, non-flammable and provides excellent thermal insulation. How is hemp concrete made? Lime mastic is combined with wet, shredded pieces of the lignified parts of the stems - chaff. In this way, we obtain a fully organic filling of the walls, which becomes harder with age thanks to the lime content.
In the food industry, hemp seed oil has similar properties to linseed oil. It consists of 70% of unsaturated fatty acids, it also contains linoleic and linolenic acids that are positive for the body. Thanks to the composition it has, namely the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 acid, amounting to 3: 1, it fulfills protective functions against, among others, diabetes, hypertension or atherosclerosis, and also works as a cosmetic for external use in caring for beautiful hair and nails. This oil will also serve as an ingredient in paints and varnishes and will allow us to produce hemp fuel. By combining methanol with hemp oil, we obtain an ecological substitute for diesel fuel, which in the combustion process produces about 70 percent less soot than oil produced from crude oil. The seeds available in the form of shelled, unshelled and ground are a very valuable addition to, for example, salads, breakfast cereals, but can also serve as a separate, very valuable snack. Even Zagłoba from Sienkiewicz, boasted that Sapiesze had returned his mind with hemp: “I advised him - he said - that he should carry hemp seed in his pocket and eat a little. You have gotten so used to it that now more and more grains will take them out, throw them into their mouths, chew them, eat the pulp, and spit out the husk. At night, when she wakes up, she does this too. Since then, his joke has become so acute that even his relatives will not recognize him. (...) Because there is oleum in hemp, which increases the amount of oleum in the mind of the eater. "
Cannabis will also find its application in the production of composite materials, e.g. in the creation of automotive interior elements, structural elements in construction and insulation materials. This should not come as a surprise, in the 1930s hemp was widely used not only to build houses, it was also used in its interior, for example for stuffing sofas. However, we can also make disposable diapers, geotextiles and bentomats that absorb contaminants from them. We will use chaffers as bedding for greenhouse crops.
A return to the widespread use of cannabis would certainly bring the world enormous financial benefits, additionally having a positive impact on the natural environment. Hemp is a plant with great potential known for centuries, Slavic ancestors considered it a magical plant with many uses. Today, thanks to new technologies, we discover new uses for hemp every day. Textiles, paper, automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, construction, energy - in every industry they prove their superiority over synthetic materials.
There are many studies on the use and power of cannabis, some of them:
"Cannabis sativa L. - valuable useful and medicinal plant" http://www.postepyfitoterapii.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/pf_2017_139-144.pdf
"Problems of Agricultural Engineering. Energy use of fiber hemp "http://yadda.icm.edu.pl/baztech/element/bwmeta1.element.baztech-article-BAR0-0027-0077


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