Is John McAfee the Smartest man in the World? Genius Move Today!

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World Known computer hacker and security programmer John McAfee announced his 2020 bid for the Presidency of the United States of America. Listen to the argument I present for him to win the whole enchilada in 2020. He's gonna need an incredible amount of luck or he's gonna need $1M Bitcoin to win. If we see that happen, I believe crypto enthusiasts will donate a STUPID amount of money to his campaigning to have a president who will protect their new Crypto Wealth. This is a brilliant move and a nicely timed & calculated gamble my Mr. McAfee. I gotta admit, I am rooting for him to be right......just so I can watch the drama that would unfold.

Thanks for Watching my Video!


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Hope he becomes the president and makes BTC as the world currency, and take the BTC prices to $1M...


That would be fun for sure.

You say it yourself, anything can happen...I mean Trump became president, which only means if you have the money, contacts and the ability to fool the world...Then maybe.. It's a crazy world..
Could be possible to finance the campaign with donations from the wealthy crypto investors...But then again, they will be up against a lot of money from the financial world, trying to protect their businness.. Could be the war of giants... And the only losers will be the population in America, and basically the rest of the world!
Liked your video @broncnutz

that`s a good news

So it will be Trump vs Kayne West vs Oprah vs The Rock vs John Mcafee

The best part is that John will be forcing everyone else to talk about crypto on one of the biggest platforms....

He is crazy enough to call out the puppet masters and call for a collapse of the old system and the rise of the crypto world

I give John McAfee the benefit of the doubt. Anyone who has software that has been installed at least once on one computer is most houses in the united states has done something right. He definetely does beat his own drum. When your that rich they call it eccentric.

Well he'll better than Trump.

McAfee acknowledges he can't win but is hoping to bring attention to the crypto markets. I think a massive influx of money is coming into crypto with or without McAfee's efforts, but I think he's a cool guy and hope he can attract positive attention and more investment into crypto.

McAfee 2020!

This guy is a legend. He offered to hack apple phones for the government for free, just cause he can. Thanks @broncnutz for the well information.

Well. Prediction is part of propaganda. He might have invested huge, logically he would help to promote/expect future bullish trend.

he tells something which he any one can take him in any way like positive way or negative have to cope with the situation.for your own goodness you have to change way,take another path.i think he choose the way or take the decision on his own heart felling,own mind set.i appreciate that and mcAfee in that situation.btw good to see you, i think its a let video on your time routine and also much info you gathered.well man...

The Cryptocurrency World has some colorful and interesting characters and one of them most certainly is John McAfee, a Libertarian British-American computer programmer, and businessman. And I hope he will be best president in America.


@hafez You should probably first watch Netflix' documentary about John McAffee before promoting him to become the President of America.


But yeah, it's undeniable that he is doing something awesome for the crypto world.

This man is just getting crazy, The thing he is saying or the thing he is going to do are not possible, but there is a quote that Every thing is possible, Why not support him for doing this wonderful work for Crypto.

John mcAfee is definitely an amazing guy. I've used mcAfee security tools as well.what i can say just brilliant


He says his own security tools are no good.....his own words.


but he is really a talented guy

I really don't know too, but there is a fact everything is possible.
If he is supporting Cryptocurrency, My support is for him, but his prediction is no way near to close, but hope for good.

I'm a Crypto lOver and i want to bitcoin touching the new heights.

If John cAN DO THAT, I'm publicly making a statement that my support is with him.

I hope that one BTC will be worth 500k but really McAfee is always saying whatever pops into his head and with nothing, or very little, to support his position.

Yeah this guy seems to be like an angel in the crypto world, LOL. He has brought in a lot of positivity and the markets might be quite lower if not for him.

Yes he is genius from starting to now but i am not a fan of him i am fan of @broncnutz.

From Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, I think we’ve learned that when it comes to the presidency anything can happen. If Bitcoin hits his predictions he will look like a genius and be able to write his own ticket. Literally!


Man if he happened to get this one right.....he will have the ears of everyone in the world.

$1,000,000 BitCone

We're Goin' to Make All Kindz of Gainz

Well I am thrilled to see how McCafes campaign will look like if he actually goes for it,

I am also thrilled to see who will go against him. This should be quite entertaining.

What are the odds that the evil genius McAfee both wins the presidency and livestreams himself eating his own penis? Will Congress try to impeach him for indecent exposure or will legislators enact a law before he gets sworn in that criminalizes cock eating? It's anyone's guess but rest assured John McAfee is destined to make politics an even bigger reality freak show than it already is.


My money is on him not winning the presidency and not having to eat his wang.

John taking the advantage of the opportunity hhahha lets see who will regulate crypto first and who ever does so will be the POTUS

McAfee-Larimer '20

Great video as per usual. You should definitely come to dtube or dlive. Why are you not on there?

As for the 1m btc, well, maybe Mcaffe knows something we don't and it really goes that high.

it may be possible to finance the campaign with donations from the rich crypto investors. this guy is a legen, I liked your video @broncnutz

It will be like Trump on acid... ha ha ha!

I've never seen as many mentions as John McAfee as this year. There is a special on Netflix about him I believe. Haven't watched it.


Do yourself a favor and watch it... Talk about wacky.

Anything is possible in the States.

Yes sir,you right said John mcafee is amazing guy

With USC having one of the best international business MBA schools each year we should incorporate block chain more. That is a school by school basis regarding the class topics.

May be he is genius , but I am not know about him very well.

If Trump made it, anything is possible...I'm sure Mcafee is way smarter than Donald. If I could, I'd support Mcafee with my vote.

John mcafee is amazing guy

He has brought in a lot of positivity and the markets might be quite lower if not for him.

Computer hackers are dangerous. It easily steals data. This price is very high.

That's a really good news for all crypto investor thanks for sharing this news with all of us.

great person... obviously great move...

He could be great and inteligent person

Thanks for share the infromation ..& I enjoy your video post

Smartest ? I dont know , but definately very interesting man. He will become president and he will eat his junk on live TV in 2020.

Good work. This video carries on good information. Thanks @broncnutz.

John McAfee may just have odd taste preferences. Not a bet I would be willing to make. I think blockchain around government would be amazing.

Nice live

John macfee you are an amazing guy.

So good to hear!! Thank you for sharing!

Cool video sir in four minutes you have said evertything sir.

i dont know about you guys....but as long as crypto involve ...a am SUPPORTING MCaFEE...heeeeeeee.....

I enjoyed watch u'r video

you are right sir @broncnutz . i enjoyning this video. thanks for sharing

That's not the sun, that's Mcafee right after he's elected.. flying away with the internet... into space.

Bro you are really entertaining! ....U got to do more shows man

If I was American he would have my vote

Hey, @broncnutz Really i enjoyed watch u'r video..Thanks for sharing..

He will never win with his history. I'll watch the show but I will vote for someone else.

He will never win with his history. I'll watch the show but I will vote for someone else.

He's a crazy bath salts addict who killed his neighbor in Belize. So yeah he's perfect

es una muy buena noticia,es increible este señor pero Lamentablemente no soy fans de el soy fans de @broncnutz pero john McAfee merece todo el respeto posible por ser un genio Saludos desde VENEZUELA

hey your video is very interesting and it is very good keep it up

Of course everyone would want him win especially the crytocurrency investors and people that believe in cryptos, in fact I would campaign for him

There's characters galore in the crypto-space. And yeah. I did say 'space'... I sometimes think that Satoshi was an alien (strange how close that is to A.I. as some are now starting to claim...), and that this space is full of 'aliens'. Lol. Just saying.