Membrana Platform listing on Eterbase exchange

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Membrana is a decentralized financial ecosystem.It solves the problems of the Asset management market which causes traders and investors to lose their assets due to fraud actions and lack of transparency.MBN reinvented the idea of assets under management. We offer secure trading and assets management via smart-contracts, transparent trader’s history recorded in the blockchain and other tools for traders and investors.

We’ve created it because we believe in a convenient and safe cryptomarket. The blockchain technology has given all of us the way to operate transparently and have peace of mind, even when working in a trustless environment. We brought this to life with the MBN platform — a worldwide network for asset and trust management.Yuriy Gerasimov, CEO

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The platform is in the Public Beta stage which is available on The Final Product Launch is scheduled for Jan 2020 with multiple additional services build on top of the working ecosystem.

The Membrana platform already enables the use of $MBN Tokens with user-to-platform end functionality. Users have the ability to receive access to assets under the Membrana management ecosystem and unlock advanced trading tools that help fund managers to make informed decisions. Further, the platform also rewards users in MBN and ETH with it’s staking program.

Forthcoming updates will create the following utilities for the MBN token:

  1. Collateral for Margin Trading;
  2. PRO-trading tools (Asset Group, Analyzer, Ladder Order);
  3. Creating a Fund on Membrana Platform;
  4. Entry to Community Operated Fund;
  5. Trading Competitions;
  6. OTC Deck;
  7. Creation of Trading Bots.

Why we choose Eterbase

For us, it is a pleasure to be listed on such a rapidly growing exchange which promises to be one of the top tier EU exchanges in the short term.

Eterbase is Europe’s leading regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency exchange with a full fee-free Fiat Gateway, Euro-backed stable coin, negative trading fees, and IBAN accounts for both retail and corporate usersEterbase has an advanced offering of premium benefits for its users such as:

  1. Negative Trading fees
  2. Stable coin daily airdrops
  3. New Listing/Treasury Client Airdrops
  4. Industry best Referral scheme
  5. Withdrawal Discounts

Further information can be found here.

This is more than just a listing, Membrana has forged a partnership with Eterbase to rollout Trading competitions across both Exchanges bringing a totally new experience to the users which will also increase users, volume and liquidity. Imagine competing for a huge prize pool versus other traders and showing the world how good of a trader you are! The competitions will start in early January 2020, stay tuned for detailed competition rules that would be presented in upcoming articles.

MBN will be listed on Eterbase on the 29th November 2019 paired with USDT and ETH

We will be joining Eterbase for a full AMA on the 29th of November at 11 AM CET (10 AM UTC) where we will take all questions and explore the relationship with Eterbase in more depth. Please ensure that you join Eterbase Telegram.

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