Masurium Yaren five big predictions fulfills 4, how did the last judgment day say?

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Everybody good, I am the macroscopic unsolved mystery, likes remembering the spot approves pays attention to us oh, shares the friend has a look for the family member, believed everybody remembered in December, 2012 12, this day are Masurium Yaren a final prediction, the day which the judgment day arrives, slightly arranges remembered at that time were very many the human all once to go to the supermarket to rush to purchase the grain, moreover on the net was also selling each kind of so-called weekend to seek livehood the equipment.
Now recalling the so-called end of the world in 2012, you find it funny. I don't know why I believed it at that time. Among the five Mayan prophecies, the first one predicted the end of their own civilization, but they could not change the outcome of the prophecy. Therefore, the end of Mayan civilization.
The second, they predicted the emergence of train planes and carved them into stone paintings, and this prediction was realized. The third Mayan predicted Hitler's birth and death time. The result was completely accurate. The fourth was that they predicted a devastating war for mankind. As a result, the first World War broke out and hundreds of millions of people died in the war.
The last one is the end of the world on December 12, 2012, but it has not been achieved. One question is worth thinking about. Why did the first four of the five Mayan civilization prophecies have been proved to have happened, but the fifth one has not been fulfilled? Or does the fifth one come true, in different ways, or do we misunderstand what the Mayans mean? Do you have any opinions about it?13879845d688d43f634f42a8701ed21b0ff43b0f.jpg

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