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Modelling in the 3d world basically creating the base mesh of the character. This is done by arranging the vertices in such a way that they go through a particular pattern. Before creating the character, you have to bring in both the side and front view of the character in order for your to arrange the vertices correctly.

There are basically two methods used in modelling; the box and the patch method. Am currently using the patch method to create my character. The patch method basically involves you using a plane to trace out the whole face. This is done by extruding and merging the edges and vertices.

There is also topology and edge flow to deal with; this simoly means you the edges have to go in a particulat way connecting from the eyes to the nose to the mouth and back of head.

Will update you guys the more i go forward... But now, we sticking with modelling.

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Brilliant man, but as a lover of artists but having absolute no talent of my own, I am following you with total admiration lol

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