steem jurney of nearly 1 and half year

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its about 1 year and 4 months using steemit dot com. it was introduced to me by my a closed fried . he ask me to use this website as social media you will enjoy a alot more then facebook. and you can also earn some cryptocurrency here because it is on blockchain. so i make this account and that my friend was right it is really interesting and much more worldwide news and information then facefook. ever since passes of ti?e i left using face book . and regular use steemit. i found more then 600 posts which gave reward me and a lot of comments . and make more then 500 friends too. wbereas on face book i never go close to 100. now it is more and more attrective to me with passes of time. love you steem love you steem makers love you steem users. thanks


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