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• Our token launch page:
• The token sale launch starts at 12:00 pm London Time (UTC +1) on Thursday, March 15
• The token sale launch ends at 12:00 pm London Time (UTC +1) on Sunday, April 15 or as soon as the ICO cap is reached.
• The ICO hard cap is 475 000 000 MVR or 100 000 ETH.
• The Litecoin address of the token launch contract is generated individually in your Mavro account.

MAVRO Official Sources

Please, always double check every information you find about our token launch.

Use our following official communication channels to verify the information:
• Website:
• Blog:
• Telegram:
• Twitter:
• Etherscan:

Please do not hurry and always double check the information to be sure you send your LTC to the right address.

Official MAVRO LTC Wallet address

The official token launch LTC address is generated individually in your personal account with MAVRO.

All the LTC transfers will be converted to MVR automatically.

• Send your LTC from your registered address only
• Do NOT send your LTC before the token launch starts

Once your transaction is completed, you will receive your MVR tokens to your personal ETH wallet shortly after.

Add MVR token to MyEtherWallet

• Visit MEW ( and go to the “View Wallet Info” page
• Click “Add Custom Token”
• Enter the contract address: 0x3a112d5bd99d4e9906a6aaf86dcb1891434c5ca4
• Enter number of decimals: 18
• Add the token symbol: MVR
• Click “Save”

Terms & Conditions:

NOTICE! Always double check the information.

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