What makes someone mature

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Girl : Hey, we need to talk about something.

Boy : About us ?

Girl : Yea, and I'm not sure how to break this to you.

Boy : Umm.. it's been 5 years with you, I think I can digest anything.

Girl : It's just that, these days, I feel you're not the same person whom I met. You just live in your own world. Do I even matter to you or not?

Boy : Hey, where's this coming from ? I've always been a silent kid, right ? I might not express much, but I still love you the way I loved 5 years ago.

Girl : Hmm.. I don't know. I don't feel it's working properly these days.

Boy : Wait, what's wrong ? What happened ?

Girl : Nothing.

Boy : C'mon, tell me. Is there anything I could do about it ? Please.

Girl : Leave, it's nothing. Have some work to do. Bye.

2 days later.

Girl : Hey, I don't think this will work anymore. I think we should concentrate on our careers now. It's been great getting to know you.

Boy : Just like that ? All gone ?

Girl : I'm serious. We need to move on.

And at that moment, the voices in his head stopped murmuring, and his heart was trapped in the rubble of the exquisite palace he'd build for her inside him for years. His future with her lay there shattered along with his barely alive heart.

He tried his best to find out the reason, but destiny had other plans and he was left alone in the dilapidated corner of his mind.

He sulked over his loneliness without her for a week. His hunger vanished into thin air. Every turn on the road reminded him of the times with her. And everytime he closed his eyes to get some sleep, all her memories flash flooded his neurons.

He was now alone, emotionless, in this dark and deadly world.

1 week later.

He was back at work, masking his sorrow with a smile.

He worked his ass off to make sure her memory didn't haunt him.

He nailed all the projects which were handed over to him, and that too in minimal time possible.

He didn't get drunk and fall on the streets, singing old Bollywood songs and whining about his life.

He didn't smoke his lungs off with weed or tobacco.

He didn't bad mouth about her to any of his friends nor his parents.

He didn't go into depression nor did he contemplate suicide at any point.

He didn't bother to text her asking for forgiveness and begging her to come back, for he knew it was all done and dusted.

He simply took control of his life and decided to be the captain of his ship. Alone. He stood strong through the storm.

So, what one thing makes someone a very mature person ?

Not screwing up one's own life because someone they loved banished them in an island of loneliness and everlasting memories.

They simply understand that nothing is permanent and turn it into an experience worth cherishing.

Wait a minute ! How the hell did I write about love today?

Something’s wrong. I think I'm possessed. Somebody please take me to the nearby dargha and save this poor soul. Arrrrgghhh !


Ladies are good at breaking man's heart,
We just have to forget the past and move on. I once experience such and It took me two month to recover from the pains

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