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Europe defence consolidation makes for a compelling case

Macron’s push for Franco-Italian co-operation seen as attempt to create action blueprint

Ultra Electronics woes continue after chief executive quits

Rakesh Sharma steps down from UK defence group ahead of investor update

US authorities reveal charges in Rolls-Royce bribery scheme

Three former employees and 2 others indicted by DoJ over involvement in affair

Renishaw’s David McMurtry on building a billion-dollar company

The chairman and CEO’s unconventional approach has sustained his precision engineering business

Knives out for Airbus’s Enders as compliance crisis mounts

Aerospace group chief under pressure as more admissions pile up over use of middle men

Air France Q3 earnings up 32% as load factor, traffic improve


Bombardier signs letter of intent for up to 61 C Series planes


Probe urged into alleged tax dodge on business jets

Labour party says 957 aircraft were imported through Isle of Man

Airbus reveals violations over payments to middlemen

Aerospace group already under scrutiny in Europe admits to inaccuracies in US filings

Airbus says filings for US arms trafficking rules had “certain inaccuracies”


Chinese capital makes rapid ascent in global aircraft leasing

Banks and lessors on path to claim a third of world market by 2022

Greek PM defends decision to buy US-made fighter jets

Alexis Tsipras tells parliament move is critical to country’s role in east Mediterranean

Bloodhound supercar passes first test towards 1,000mph

Public debut for car aiming to smash world land speed record

British speedster takes Bloodhound supersonic car for first public test drive


Criticism of Saudi Arabia ‘not helpful’ for UK weapons sales

MPs told sales of Typhoon fighters are being hindered by attacks on regime

Boeing raises profit forecasts after cutting costs

Delays to KC-46 military tanker are only blot on strong third-quarter earnings

Boeing raises guidance again as cost cutting boosts profits


Northrop Grumman lifts earnings outlook again


Strong US earnings lift confidence in global outlook

Earnings up at industrial companies including Caterpillar and United Technologies

Bombardier coup shows French panache at the heart of Airbus

Grande école graduates switch effortlessly from state to private sector to power group


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