Spirituality, the Matrix, and exploitation of comfort • Not a comfortable post.

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In my many varied explorations and practices I have come across a popular idea, which, for obvious reasons, seems very appealing to many people who seek to comfort themselves in our world of great insecurities and psychological pressures.

The idea states roughly the following: “You don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t have to seek the “red pill”. Things always go the way they are meant to be. The world is your friend and it takes good care of you.”

Wow. Positive thinking rules, doesn’t it? And at times it does miracles to those of us in need of some reassurance or a gentle push forward (as opposed to a rough and provocative “get your shit together and get back up you whining idiot!”). Moreover, there are cases where positive thinking has helped cure supposedly fatal diseases!

But I must argue that the CULT of “positive thinking” combined with fatalism can be just as destructive as any dogmatic religion.

Why is that? Because the world we inhabit is beautiful and full of wonders, BUT it’s merciless and predatory as well, and some predatory creatures and systems could care less about “love and light” one manifests.

It would be like trying to use the Bible as a shield against an army of agents Smiths or a bunch of Termintor machines. To my great displeasure, we don’t live in the world of elves and werewolves, my spiritual friends (although who knows, maybe they are still around?). We live in a technological, industrial world of codes, wires, corporate entities and cold, soulless processes that rule not just our financial system, politics, and even school and medical systems, but our minds and bodies as well (and if you wonder how, come back for my future posts as it’s a separate big topic to discuss).

Do you really think the universe “takes care of you?” Yes, it does, but ask yourselves this: who benefits from this care, and who really needs it?

A farmer, too, takes care of his meat cows. Even we - the consumers - find them cute when we pass by the fields. The farmer feeds them well, he makes sure they are warm and healthy - and then they are slaughtered. In Japan they go as far as giving some cows regular massages to make their meat have special layers of fat and muscle fibers for an extra sophisticated taste! Some cows are used as milk cows first, milked for many years with the help of specialized equipment. Those metal sucking machines attached to the udder... I can only imagine the physical experience that’s taken beyond anything nature had designed the udder for. If you are a woman who has ever breastfed, you’ll probably be able to imagine it much more clearly... Take away the baby, attach cold metal suckers... and it’s not a twisted bdsm fantasy you can stop anytime you want, but a real and merciless day-to-day existence.

Does an imprisoned cow know any other life? I think she must sense something is not quite as it’s supposed to be... But she has gotten used to it.

Now look at this - bacteria, fungi, and parasites that inhabit human bodies could care less about love, positivity, kindness, and things like “morals” and “ethics”. PEOPLE care about these things, people crave them or rely on them to keep the society functioning in a relatively safe mode of existence... But some other organisms and structures clearly aren’t concerned with these social and spiritual niceties. They just need to survive, and for them - everything goes.

How can one ignore the fact that the world is full of entities which are not affected by passive acts and projections of “love and light” so many spiritual people rely on? You can meditate for peace and love till you pass out of tiredness or hunger and then consider yourself a great hero and a worker of light...

Still, a rapist will continue looking for his new victim, a crooked politician - focusing on getting more power, and flu virus - mutating and creating new interesting strains that might kill thousands of babies and the elderly.

The system of control is as far from our spiritual understanding of “good” and “pure” as a computer program that functions to fulfill a specific practical task; moreover, it can be set up to operate these same values (“good”, “pure”) with the sole purpose of the said control.

We see them as spiritual qualities. The machine sees them as instruments it can use to control a bunch of creatures that consider them important.

Here is one dumb, obvious example using the film most of the readers must have seen at least once. Would it make any sense to use things such as ethics, politeness, kindness, love, and acceptance toward Skynet from “Terminator” - a self-aware system, which, just like the mind of a psychopath, lacks the necessary brain functions to feel empathy, love, and compassion? In our human expression, it spits on your “light”.

The beautiful world of endless possibilities is full of factors that cannot be fixed by soft, polite attitude to them. It’s like you can’t persuade necrotic fasciitis to kindly leave the body of its victim, can you?)) The human body overtaken by it will be eaten by the destructive bacteria from the inside in mere hours.

While soft and all-accepting “spiritual seekers” keep being soft and all-accepting, the world they live in keeps its neverending hard-on... and guess who bends over to submit to its pressure so often disguised as unavoidable, must-be-accepted destiny, or even universal love?

Yes, the world takes care of us and our children, and it is beautiful, AND - it’s also many other things... And why do we choose to perceive only those of them that fit right into our worldview - as if someone else has predestined them for us so we don’t panic after encountering the first one or two that DON’T - and start asking too many questions?

I don’t have a plan or a solution for us all, and I do believe that love and kindness are among those elements that keep this whole thing called Life running... But I also offer to try looking beyond the obvious of that which brings relaxation and comfort to our minds.

Many spiritual paths praise relaxation and “letting go”. I myself practice stopping my inner dialogue and consider it to be one of the important keys to get to know the reality. But I also think that we, humans, need to learn to think very differently, to think SO hard that our heads would hurt.

No, not to think hard to get more work stress, money stress, or relationship stress (all that crap is clearly a part of the system we all live in)... I am talking about thinking as hard as the dumb cow raised in a cage would have to think to realize that she wasn’t designed to stay in that cage and be milked by mechanical suckers.

Stressing about work, relationships, career, etc., is like stressing about what your next-door cows are doing while being milked. It’s not hard - it’s dumb, it’s inside the cage, it’s inside the barn... it’s under the eye of a farmer who pushes the button and collects the cream.

Different thinking... hard, uncomfortable thinking... goes a little bit beyond all that. That “beyond” is most likely to be very uncomfortable - much less comfortable than any passive and relaxing meditation, but its effects might surprise those who dare take the challenge.

Live hard. Think hard. Be well, friends.


I've said this some where else, and stole it from someone else. All these people who say they're "letting go" and trying to become "zen" or "one with the universe" still look both ways before they cross any street.

As humans, we can poke, we can interrogate, we can intervene. So can everything else.

I'm nihilistic, in that I don't believe we can have a significant influence on the world we inhabit, but over things insignificant, which we make significant, like lumps or carbon, metal, dirt, clay, or the silicion that facilitates this exchange - We can perceive significance.

I continue to unconditionally enjoy your writing.

Thank you for recording these thoughts of yours.

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Yes, great point. I have heard a similar example before from my martial arts teacher. When people start talking about how they are superhuman and live in a different (spiritual) world and are totally free, he says something like this: well, let’s see how different you are next time when you need to eat, sleep, or use the toilet... or how free you are when you get a migraine and run to your medical cabinet for a pill... or how superhuman you are when faced with daily routines that you hate )

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Light and Shadow. I love both. Sometimes we need to be hard and sometimes we should be soft. The Art behind it is, to handle the right balance. Golden Cut, the time call it.

You are right. And it’s a great skill and intuition to know when the time is right for each state of being.


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Good point! the power of the mind and meditation is real, and I practice it as well. And there are many famous and less known cases where people have cured deadly illnesses using their minds...

But I firmly believe that all these things have to go hand in hand with other acts. I have met many so-called spiritual people who live very comfortable lives and shun away from everything real out there (experiences, situations, scary stuff, “dirty” stuff, sad stuff, etc). Instead, they sit at home, relax, enjoy themselves... and sometimes do scheduled meditations “to save the world”. And I don’t want to be too sarcastic, and I do think that can also help overall... but still, I wouldn’t limit myself to that.

And there is a darker side to it. Sometimes I think that meditating to “help the earth” actually helps people themselves to feel good about doing something. Like, “Oh, I just prayed for all the poor dying kids in Africa, so now I can keep using my iPhone, raw materials for making which were gathered in the above-mentioned Africa (probably by those exploited kids)” I mean, people don’t actually think like that, but sometimes this might be an underlying “agenda” behind certain acts of our spiritual practice.

You cannot fault people for "hidden subconscious desires". It's like faulting a blind man for not seeing, the same for not realizing the interwoven web of suppliers that goes into their tools or devices. There's a Buddha story about why the Buddha ate meat and when questioned he replied with:

As long as I don't ask for it to be prepared for me I won't turn down good food.

I will say this. The cult of "law of attraction" is much more menacing.

Oh, I remember) A while ago everyone went crazy about this “the Secret” book. I was curious, so looked it up and found some familiar things in it, and then... I watched the video ) In the video “Secret” there’s this man talking about the law of attraction, but the topic itself not the problem... I mean, it can exist as a tool to try out for practice and exploration (but not to idolize). To me the problem was in the man who spoke. He was a BUSINESSMAN. Not that I have anything against business people, but this particular individual looked like a car dealer trying to brainwash the audience into buying a car that it didn’t really need! His looks, his voice, his energy, everything... Brr.

PS. No, never blaming people... It’s not personal as in “you are bad and it’s your fault”. I can be friends with - and see people as Humans - even when they, in my understanding, do horrible things. I do horrible things. It’s the “horrible things” and tendencies I can find faulty, but not real humans who carry them.