A bit about mind control

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Below is the quote from a longer @ura-soul article on mind control and other issues.

The latest mainstream news piece I read on this is from Fox News entitled The governmment is serious about creating mind controlled weapons They describe in there, a design for weapons that respond to thoughts of people and swarms of drones. The result would be pretty much EXACTLY like the drone armies in the Matrix, hunting down those who intend freedom from enslavement. Of course, the government AGENTS will claim they are acting to protect 'freedom', but in reality what they really mean is that they are trying to control as much as possible so that it conforms to what THEY say is 'the right way to live'.

I am quoting this specific piece because about 1.5 years ago in my practices and lucid “dreams” I had a vision of these exact flying machines which were designed to check “contents” of people’s heads to detect possible inappropriate thoughts and intentions.
I will not be able to prove to you that this vision was true or real (although to me personally it was proven to be), so it’s up to you to take it with any grain of seriousness.

However, I must say this. It’s not just Hopi who spoke of what’s coming. Other sources (hidden ones) state the same. And the only thing every human can do - if he or she wants to survive and have a chance to find freedom - is to stop wasting time on bullshit that this system makes us value and crave, and start putting all the effort into self-development, mentally, physically, spiritually. Because the time will come when technology may turn into an enemy and a complete system of control (it is like that already in many ways by the way). And the only thing a person will be able to rely on is the power of their own mind and body, nothing else. One of the keys is to develop that power WITHOUT losing humanity, clarity, and kindness (because power without these things can be easily used against the person himself).


Absolutely, yes, many tribes and other sources spoke of these times. Living from the heart as a vibrational, multi-dimensional, electromagnetic being is paramount! It's hometime!