How You Can Use Maticnetwork!

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Matic Network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

Matic Network Use cases


Integrate Matic Payments on your DApps with a few simple steps. Settle payments on-chain whenever needed.

Payment transactions on Matic Network can be confirmed in sub-seconds due to faster block generation times while incurring significantly lower fees. Make payments smoother and friction-free for users on your DApps.

Matic provides payment APIs/SDKs for DApps, merchants, and users to instantly accept or pay in crypto assets like ERC20 tokens, ETH, and others.

Decentralized Exchanges

Today, decentralized exchanges lag behind their centralized counterparts due to low transaction throughput and high wait times.

Matic can help Decentralized Exchanges provide faster and cheaper trades for their users. Decentralized exchanges can run on steroids when integrated with Matic Network.

Matic provides support for decentralized exchanges and enables trust-less, reliable, and easy crypto trades. The decentralized exchange is the future for digital assets and provides better security and solvency than centralized exchanges.

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