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RE: Matic Network: Scaling Blockchains For Mainstream Adoption

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Preach brotha! Scaling is the biggest hurdle we need to solve to move blockchain forward. Two considerations:

  1. So many scaling solutions in the market. I know Matic has advantages over others but we need to see the actual adoption of the tech to see real progression.

  2. I'm not sure Ethereum will be on top as the king od smart contract platforms, it all depends if they can solve their issues quickly enough. There are so many competing platforms now which prioritize performance so can offer better scaling than Eth. Time will tell.

p.s. glad to see you back on it bro! Keep it up.


Thanks @rashisonto! Great questions, defnintely good considerations.

Unlike other scaling solutions which either attempt to overcome the scalability trilemma by sacrificing decentralization or lack the functionalities of Matic, or others which are tailored towards more specific usecases (e.g. Loom with gaming), Matic is designed to be an all-purpose platform able to house any type of Dapp on top of its infrastructure. Matic is also going above and beyond to build out an entire wider ecosystem of developers and Dapps. For a comparison of scaling solutions to Matic I'd highly recommend this blog post, it spells out scaling solutions really well:

And when it comes to Ethereum, as well as the improvements made via the Ethereum 2.0 upgrades. No other smart contract platform is as decentralized as Ethereum, and they often neglect decentralization as part of their design in favour of scalability. They also lack the massive developer ecosystem Ethereum has- the vast vast majority of blockchain devs are Ethereum devs.

Thankyou I will take a look. Looked into Loom a bit and wasn't too convinced. But I didn't know as much about scaling at the time.