Matic Focusing Big Enterprise to Enter the Blockchain showing the scalable usecases

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This news can lead more big Enterprise to #Crypto World



Matic Network joined their hands with Indian Technology Giant Infosys (which has $43bn in Marketcap) at Stanford to share their insights on the latest innovations in Layer2 technology of the crypto-currencies.

They also initiated Enterprise focus few months back & they have already expecting great results through the program. They are now very aggressively ramping it up with the #Matic #mainnet around the corner within this month.

Matic team member Vaibhav Chellani had joined Infosys Senior Principal, Bharat Gupta, to talk about the ‘Censorship Resistant Optimistic Rollups’.


Matic always intend to deliver cutting edge Layer2 solutions to enable very large enterprises to build scalable business usecases using blockchain technology.

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Bullish!! I love that Matic can move ETH & BTC off-chain... this could overtake the Lightning Network's role for Bitcoin before it even gets going.

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