Call to Content Creators with Mathematical Topics - Math-Trail Wants to Follow You!

in mathematics •  2 years ago

This is a request to all writers and content creators who touch on mathematical topics, either wholly or partly, so that you can be followed by the newly created @math-trail. I am putting out this request because mathematics is such a vast and ancient subject that it influences so many other areas of human activity. There are therefore writers who discuss mathematical topics but do not see their articles as being specifically about mathematics.

The aim of @math-trail is to curate the best in mathematical content. This obviously includes educational and recreational mathematics but we are also interested in the history and cultural influences of the subject. Areas such as finance, architecture, computer science and cryptography may well also be of interest to our followers if a particular article is fundamentally a mathematical analysis. I have recently read a number of such articles that do not use any of the #mathematics tags.

Therefore, if you would like to be followed by @math-trail then just reply to this post with a comment such as "please follow me"; this makes it easier to separate such requests from general comments. I shall upvote and reply to you once I have added you to our list of authors.

In return we shall be posting curated lists of the best recent content and resteeming notable articles that appear in danger of being ignored. To receive such content in your feed, please follow @math-trail. We have only just started so we still need more followers to make the resteems most effective.

Any questions, please ask.

Please Resteem to spread the word to all corners of Steemit!


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Try following me as well then.


Done, thanks.

please follow me :)


Thanks. but you're being followed already!

Please follow me as well. I'm doing a mnemonic series on memorizing the Log10(whole numbers).


Done, thanks!

Please follow me too!! I run daily math challenges! :]


Done thanks!

Follow me, I know stuff.

math enthusiast here

Not sure how much of my material will be math-based, but my brother's content will be mostly math. You should follow @mckeown12


Great, thanks - am now following your brother.

please follow me! I am a fellow Maths/Science teacher also.


Done and thanks for joining.

please follow me ^^

Please follow me @manfredcml. Thank you : D


Done! thanks.

Another -trail scheme...awesome.

I'm new (you're my first follow!) - and will be writing about homeschooling and elementary math education.


Welcome and thank you very much for following @Math-trail.
I will now be able to see when you post articles in my feed, and look forward to reading them!


Done, thanks!


Done! Thanks


Done, and thanks!

I am new here, and a math enthusiast as well! I might write some posts on recreational or abstract math, so please follow me :)

First maths post: an introduction to group theory. Hope you enjoy, folks. :)

great! I curate the art-trail but love math too



A bit of a stray from my usual topics, but it might just fit what you are looking for: P-values for dummies and doctors:


Thanks - am following you now!

Please follow me :)


Done, thanks! Look forward to new content.

please follow me :D


Done! Thanks for your interest and look forward to more articles.

please follow me!!!
I haven't written about maths for a while. My most complete post on the subject might be this one. I am bit more keen on cryptography but well algebra and number theory is never far.


Done! Yes, I suspect a lot of mathematics is hidden in programming tags. For my part, I'm less interested in the specific coding but in the underlying mathematical structure or algorithm - the pseudocode, I guess.

I'm planning to write about some maths in the near future. My posts to date have mainly been to do with theoretical concepts in condensed matter physics and photonics. Hoping to write a little on abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields, representations, lie algebras, clifford algebras, symmetry concepts, etc.), and possibly might write a bit on gauge theory or QED, as additional topics in theoretical physics.


Welcome, upvoted and followed.
As you may have noticed, both physics and mathematics need some serious building up on Steemit, hence the very recent creation of @math-trail. I am happy to include mathematical physics under my umbrella!

Do you have a certain plan to work this out if you do I'm in.


Upvoted and following you now.
The first part of the plan is to get into the habit of sharing, commenting and voting on mathematical articles so as to become the nucleus for future growth - especially, I hope, in the field of maths education.
What are your interests?

I have joined Steemit yesterday. I do plan to put some content out here on Steemit very soon.

I am putting together a weekly science quiz that will have math problems

please follow me to infinity and beyond!

I'm just starting, there's no content yet on my profile since i'm new here. I'm working on the first article which will be ready for this thursday. It would be nice to have some solid feedback


I'm new please help me in any way I'm new and not yet familiar with how this works


How may we help? Have you read the FAQ and Quick Start Guide in the dropdown menu on the top right?
You may also get faster real-time help by clicking the Steemit Chat link and there is a help channel.
At first, just wander around looking at your favourite topics and categories, upvote anything you like, make sure to make a comment that is interesting and meaningful. You may also earn a few cents as people can upvote your comment - as I just did above.

When you're ready, you can write your own posts. What are you interested in? You've ended up in the mathematics forum!


I'm not sure what I'm doing never done this before but I'm looking for something that can help we work from home because I take care of my grandparents and my grandfather has dementia and also was just diagnosed with prostate cancer so we're having to do radiation treatments and it's hard for me to work a 9-5 job

Hi @tryptamin thanks for the resteem. Found it by accident! How does one know when someone resteems an article?


Please follow me. I am about to upload some good teaching practice in classroom mathematics.
Super idea of yours.


Done, and welcome!

Can you follow me?

"please follow me"

upvoted, resteemed and please follow! I love this idea...more math=happy!