Help me do my HW!!! Hang with me for Data Analysis for Engineers

in #math3 years ago (edited)

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 6.58.52 PM.png

I have trouble concentrating sometimes, so I decided to try something out. I recorded it! I was able to get it done wwaayyyyy faster! Thanks everyone! Im working on data analysis for engineers and scientists - a math class not a programming class. I do a lot of my math with R or python since I graduated so I wanted to refresh my notation skills etc. tell me what classes you take to up your skills! You can see my art on the wall behind! Sorry about the song quality!!

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interesting idea! might have to do this when Im doing my calc homework

thanks! yeah it really worked tbh, and I had more fun this way, ultimately editing the video took some time too, but two birds with one stone, you know? :)

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