Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? A mathematician on blockchains..

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This video is from 3 blue 1 brown on youtube, he is one of my favorite math Youtubers. If you like math. He has good videos explaining many different mathematical subjects. This is his video explaining some of the mathematics behind the blockchain. I know a decent amount about block chain tech, but this video still helped me gain new understandings, Hope it will help a few of you as well!!

So did this give you any new understandings or was it all things you already knew? In his video he references another video about how 256 bit security is big, so big astronomical doesn't do it justice.. This video puts 256 bit security into perspective for the math guys here.

I enjoyed finding these videos and to see 3 blue 1 brown talk about them (even somewhat excitedly sometimes).. and to see him give crypto technology some love! He is also on Patreon if you want to support, and hear more from him!

Someone get this guy onto Steemit!!

Thanks for taking a look, and if you took time to watch the videos I hope you know more now than you did before you started! That's my thing, my goal.. Learn at least one new thing every day. Otherwise its a fail day. What do you think I should learn today?!

I would like to hear from fellow steemers. More than an upvote, more than a Resteem.. Dialogue is the thing I like here the most!

But hey, enjoy your weekend!


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I also follow "3 blue 1 brown". It's good stuff. I upvoted and resteemed this post.

I made a youtube video discussing the content of that one here


Really enjoyed that thankyou.Also first time ive heard hash explained.I keep reading hashrate and ive no idea about it .Maybe now i can find out now its not so mysterious

Very educational to those that are new the crypto space.

Nice. Always helpful for new comers into crypto.

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Great content!
Thanks for sharing!



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This was really mind blowing and incredibly interesting. I am not a math talent but watched all the way to the end.