The Best Toy Race Track Ever

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My Daughers' Creation

When I was a little boy, this was my favorite toy by far. My mom dug it out from the attic and I had the pleasure of playing with it again with my girls. They had the idea for this block and matchbox racetrack thing. They were having a blast!

Did you play with matchbox when you were little? What do you think of my girl's creation?


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The girls have a great imagination! awesome building skills too. My sons played with matchbox toys and wooden blocks. I never played with them as girls didn't play with boys brothers played with them though. They have been around since 1953, that's an impressive 65 years!


My girls seem to prefer "boy toys" more. Blocks and matchboxes and trains over barbies and stuff. Although one of my girls pretends a wood block is her doll, calls it her "block baby".

I think that was a hotwheels toy if I remember. When I was little I had something similar. That brings back memories :)


Yeah, it was one of my favorite toys. I think that's why my mom kept it. Glad to inspire some memories!

ha! that looks like a great track set up and you guys were smart to save it all this time!

I played with BRIO trains as a child and now my son is playing with my very BRIO! It brings me so much joy so I can fully relate. Actually, he plays with a lot of my old toys. The quality things never get old. The fads are just that, fads.

Thanks for sharing my friend @ironshield.... Of course, i upvoted, you are awesome, keep steeming.. I am a female pianist and I do piano covers here on dtube. I hope you check out my channel @promisevictor . Since I am relatively new here, will love to HV as a mentor. Love you, you are awesome.

Ahhhh, hot wheel tracks, now there is a memory!

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