Solo Driven Art - the reality without limitation

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Dear Reader, My name is Cherkesov Cherkez . I am the founder of Solo Driven Art movement.

The main idea of Solo Driven Art is about the attention and love given to every single detail as well as passion and an unbreakable believe that contributes to the creation of the living structure.
solo driven art.jpg

Solo Driven Art is inspired by the external question – Who Are We?

Are we passive observers that are simply watching our life’s pass by, or are we the creators of our own realities?

I believe that every action we do, every thought we have do not only shape our past and future experiences, but also strongly influence the paths of the next generations of our planet.

Following the call of my heart and the passion towards the fairer society in which all the individuals have an opportunity to achieve their goals,I am sharing my stories to the world through Solo Driven Art. My art is free from any borders and limitations and it aims to bring all the beauty of the moment -“Now” to the people’s hearts !

solo driven art - 2.jpg

With the perseverance and appreciation of the moment “NOW” freedom and bravery to share our talents with others, we all can be successful achieving our personal goals, creating our own realities. We should know- that All of us without exceptions are the Sacred and Gorgeous masterpieces created by the greatest Artist! Who gave us the power to become the creators ourselves!!!


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Solo Driven Art, That is reaaaallllly POWERFUL !!!
Amazing Video!!!!!!!
Great Idea to unify your philosophy and art!!!
Follow you - “ Solo Driven Art” And wait the next articles…


HYPNOTIC, INCREDIBLE artpiece – “ The mind of the universe “ – like a map of the universe – SUPER IDEA!!! Very fresh and PROFFESIONALY presented!

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