What is there, behind the masterpiece. The most expensive jewelry in the world.

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  For woman it is the breeze of soul to show herself from the most beautiful side. And every piece of jewelry in our shelf has a special meaning hiding behind this closed door. If you open one of them you will get into different world, you will open the book of happiness or sadness, smiles or tears.  So what story will tell this most expensive jewelry in the world?    Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet.   Wallis Simpson was an American Socialite or the Queen of Style. She was married to Prince Edward, formerly King Edward VIII, who wasn’t her first husband. As King Edward became Wallis third husband, he had to abduct the Kingdome to marry the woman he loved.  Wallis Simpson was the Queen of Style, she never wore outstanding clothes and she wasn’t one of those beautiful ones. All her dresses were simple. Sesil Biton called her once “What an ugly beauty” but instead of getting upset, she made it her weapon – “Yes, I am not beautiful, well then, I will be flawless” Edward loved his wife so much that he chose the best jewelry for her. Wallis was obsessed with the Cartier House; which unofficial symbol is Panther. In XX centuries panther became a symbol of fearlessness, sexuality and exotic. Wallis Simpson collection contains more than 214 pieces, and first panther that acquired was brooch, the second chef-doeuvre was pendant of the wild panther made from the white gold, strewn with the sapphires while sitteth on the untreated blue sapphire. And the last and the most famous piece is the black and white Panther Bracelet from onyxes and diamonds. That on the auction of the 2010 year was sold for 12.4 million Dollars.     


  Heart of The Ocean Necklace    The Original Heart of the Sea is known as The Love of the Sea and it has the similar story to Titanic film, as the film is based on a real story. This lovely sapphire was given as a present to a 19-year-old Kate Florence, the English shop assistant, by the owner Henry Sammuel Morley. Henry was 20 years her senior, and made this gift before they embarked in the new life together after he left his wife and children. In San Francisco they boarded as Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. The necklace was a symbol of their anew beginning. But then came the iceberg that hit the ship. Henry died in the icy Atlantic waters. Kate survived and got off on the Celtic. The only things she had was her purse, expecting a child and her beloved sapphire necklace.  Nowadays no one can say if Kates necklace had real sapphire. That time the art and science of synthetic sapphires had emerged. The Heart of the Ocean or Le Coeur de la Mer was made by English based jewelers Asprey & Garrad that used cubic zirconias set in white gold that was used as a prop in the film. After the films success Asprey & Garrad created an authentic Heart of The ocean which result was a platinum – set with a heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds. It was sold to an unidentified client for $1.4 million.       


  Graff Pink   In the early XVII century the French merchant Jean Babtiste Tavernier made the first reference to pink diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are rare; as their deep color and saturation come from a disturbance during the formation process. For other colored diamonds, the color comes from trace elements during the formation process. The Gemological Institute of America grades the fancy colored diamonds as: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid. Fancy Vivid are the most expensive and the most sought diamonds. Harry Winstone is the first known owner of the Graff Pink diamond. Laurence Graff purchased this Fancy Intense pink diamond in 2008 for 23.4 million dollars. When he took this outstanding pink diamond home, it was graded by the Gemological Institute of America as a Fancy Intense diamond in a platinum setting. But Mr. Graff turned it into his masterpiece and called it “color artisans”. In brief, Mr. Graff turned this Fancy Intense diamond into a Fancy Vivid Pink diamond by shaving off 4.45 carats. Mr. Graff sold the Graff pink in 2010 for the price of 46 million dollars. And now one can only guess how much the Graff Pink will cost on the next auction.     


  L'incomparable diamond necklace   
The Incomparable was found in the town of Mbuji Mayi in Congo. The girl was playing in her uncle’s house in a pile of rubble. That years near there was MIB Diamond Mine. Some of materials that were rejected during the process were thrown out. The Girl gave the diamond to her uncle, who sold it to some African dealer, who in turn sold it to Lebanese buyers. This diamond had a long long way till it became such a famous piece made by golden hands of Leo Wins. The state the diamond was in made it hard to work with it. It was thinner from one side, narrower from other, it had cracks and cavities. It took four years to study the diamond and shape it. The stone was sown into 14 fragments, thought the cutters have seen the whole stone many times, it was a surprise, that the cut fragments had variety of colors inside: from pale yellow till dark yellow. The biggest piece that was cut from Incomparable is the third biggest diamond ever cut. On the first auction it was called “The Golden Giant” and only afterwards it received the name “Incomparable”       


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