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How do you know if a scammer is attempting to take your private keys while acting like "TECH SUPPORT" to fix your masternode? Companies like do not require your private keys or ever remote access to your wallet. There are other scammers who act as "Tech Support" in developers chat rooms to persuade you to believing they want to help you instead try to take your funds.

What are the Common SCAM Attacks and RED FLAGS?

  • Remote access to your local wallet
  • They act like developers / admins looking to help community
  • They act friendly and nice — until they gain your trust, then ask you for remote access or log files that put you at risk
  • When they remote access to your local PC, they might not steal right away. They might download a virus without you knowing
  • They ask you to generate the private key.
  • Pools promising you a return for sharing masternodes with them. The owner of the pool can run away with your funds.

What are the differences between GenKey and Private Key

Private key stores your funds. NEVER, DUMP YOUR PRIVATEKEY.

Genkey provides outputs and inputs of data between a VPS that runs the blockchain, and the blockchain on your local PC. The only control a scammer has is they can START and STOP your masternode from working.

You should avoid any of the above red flags. If you are uncertain about your decision. Stop and wait for the developers or other parties to confirm the person or company representative you are working with isn't a scammer. Do all your homework and take the time to research what you need.

As stated above: you can work with companies like and talk about their service and masternodes on the telegram: for future support


@ajt - I hate scammers - see this all the time on Discord, we as a community have to be so careful and call this out at every opportunity! Nice post, thanks for this

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